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  • 5). Trading Using Multiple Time Frames  By : Umashankar Galla
    Why do we need to Trade Using Multiple Timeframes? To improve the efficiency of our trading strategy. We see the major Trend using a higher time frame than what we intend to use & a lower Time frame to enter a trade. Say we want to trade using the Daily Charts. We take the Weekly charts to see the major trend. Suppose it’s an uptrend in a Weekly chart.
    Article Related to: charts, signals, timeframe, buy, sell, trend

  • 7). Pursefection  By : Ernie Sanders
    Many women are looking for that special accessory which will give the ultimate perfection to the wardrobe at hand. It is the “Ne Plus Ultra” otherwise known as Pursefection. Most women strive to create that flawlessness look that others will idolize and seek to copy. Some women try to create an appeal that others only dreamed that they would have thought of first.
    Article Related to: purse, handbag, diet, style, trend, fashion, shape

  • 8). In Hot “Purse”Suit (pursuit) Of The Latest Trends  By : Mary Helen Sanders
    How do you keep up with the latest purse trends? That question has been one that women have tried to answer for many years. There are many different ways that women use for keeping up with the trends and styles. Some watch other women, some watch celebrities, some read magazine articles, while others shop the department stores. Ultimately, there is no quick answer for how to find the latest purse trends.
    Article Related to: purse, handbag, diet, style, trend, fashion, shape

  • 9). Boost Your Confidence With Clubwear Lingerie  By : Funky
    The fashionable trends of today are spawning a generation of confident young women; due to the ever-growing popularity of clubwear lingerie. Women are wearing corsets, Basques and bustiers when going out clubbing; even daytrips, to the local, shopping trips, anywhere they want to look good and leave a lasting impression. Women by wearing today's clubwear lingerie would have once been classed as yesterdays Scarletts and illicit women; the times are always changing.
    Article Related to: clubwear lingerie, lingerie, confidence, clubwear, fashion, style, trend.

  • 11). The fashion police  By : Davina deWitts
    Casually doing a bit of window shopping a few years back in one of Italy’s ‘oh so fashionable’ little lane ways, I noticed that pointy toe stiletto’s were everywhere. Glancing down at my round toe Mary Jane’s I’d just purchased before leaving Australia, I was feeling both repulsed and anxious. Repulsed because I thought pointy toe stiletto’s were ugly, and anxious because I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be forking out the lire to purchase them.
    Article Related to: shopping, shoes, fashion, designer, merkin, trend, fashion police

  • 12). Purse Envy Syndrome (PES)  By : Mary Helen Sanders
    A dictionary meaning of envy is “a feeling of discontent and resentment aroused by and in conjunction with desire for the possessions or qualities of another.” People have feelings of envy for many reasons. A new emerging form of envy is what I call Purse Envy Syndrome (PES). PES has taken on different facets for different people and taken on various meanings over the last several years.
    Article Related to: purse, handbag, diet, style, trend, fashion, shape

  • 15). Purseonality  By : Mary Helen Sanders
    Most people do not notice what a purse says about one’s personality. If you start to analyze the different aspects of the purse, you would find that it tells much about that person. So you can check one’s personality by looking at their purseonality. Some examples to illustrate my point are what you would find inside the purse as well as the purse itself.
    Article Related to: purse, handbag, diet, style, trend, fashion, shape

  • 18). Accentuate Your Looks With The Right Purse  By : Ernie Sanders
    We're positive that no matter how you see yourself -- trendy, corporate or casual -- your ultimate goal is to look "together" - to look beautiful and elegant in your poise and style of clothing and accessories. You spend hours looking for the right outfit and analyze it many times over to make sure it perfects and gives you that eye catching look. But.
    Article Related to: purse, handbag, diet, style, trend, fashion, shape


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