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Sex Top Related Articles

  • 3). Sex on an Adjustable Bed  By : Emmanuel DeFreitas
    Some disturbing observations plucked from the Internet to amuse, bemuse and confuse. According to a recent search on my part, I came across some interesting findings. The search was about adjustable beds and sex. Why, you may ask, am I looking up sex and adjustable beds? Because I can! Also, out of curiosity, I wanted to see for myself if sex in an adjustable bed is better, just as good, or worse than sex in a regular bed.
    Article Related to: adjustable bed, adjustable beds, better sex, good sex, sex, sex+adjustable bed, sex toy

  • 7). Breakthrough Virtual Reality Sex Machine  By : Lance39
    The world of cybersex advanced a major step with a new virtual reality sex machine. Adult toy maker Doc Johnson has just released the Virtual Sex Stroker sex machine with 3D cybersex. This male masturbator toy connects with your computer through the USB port and allows you to have virtual sex with Naughty Nurse Nicci. Nurse Nicci starts off with a sexy striptease just for you.
    Article Related to: virtual reality, sex, sexual, orgasm, sex machine

  • 10). Vaginas and Oral Simulators  By : Anastasia Boico
    Vagina is a simulator of female genitals sometimes equipped with vibrator or pomp. Oral Simulator is a sex toy imitating mouth and creating the oral sex effect. By its functional features oral simulator is similar to vagina. Nowadays sex shops sell sex toys with vibrating and sucking functions; thereíre also simple self-driven toys, non-visual-effect toys and toys imitating all female genital details: vulvar lips, anus or pubic hair.
    Article Related to: sex toys, sex, sexuality

  • 13). The Breast Punishment Primer - Part 1  By : Matt Nicholson
    The Obligatory Preface In my semi-long and somewhat illustrious career as a merchant of the pleasures of breast punishment through Darker Pleasures, Iíve learned a lot about the "thou shalts" and "thou shouldn'ts" of erotic tit torment. Many of them I've learned through trial and error, while others I've only had the luxury of reading about. Iíve had tons of hands-on, teeth-on, yard tool-on, kitchen cutlery-on, hair accessory-on, and gadgets-yet-to-be-patented-on practice in the fine art of breast and nipple torment.
    Article Related to: breast, nipple, bondage, fetish, bdsm, sex, sexuality, kinky

  • 17). Happy women achieve orgasm  By : Anastasia Boico
    Many women who rarely or even never achieve orgasm even do not try to cope with their problem thinking that all their efforts to improve their sex life will be useless. But these women do not know what sad complications their being sexually unsatisfied can cause. Absence of orgasm affects nervous system as well as female organism as a whole. After an intercourse which did not end with orgasm a woman often complains about nervous excitement, fatigue or depression.
    Article Related to: sex toys, sex, sexuality

  • 18). Everything You Should Know About Masturbation  By : Jerry Leung
    Nearly everyone masturbate. Masturbation should be an important part in our sex life. However, there are people who tend to think that we should not masturbate once we have sex partners. In fact, this is not really true. We can still masturbate even if we have a spouse or sex partner. Masturbation is different from having sex at the end of the day.
    Article Related to: masturbation, sex

  • 19). Penis-Size Paranoia  By : Calle Zorro
    Introduction Our contemporary world suggests that a man must have a penis that is between 10 and 20 inches or he is an inferior male who cannot really please a woman. Our world further suggests that unless a man has a penis the size of his forearm or the size of a horseís penis, then by default the woman is sexually unhappy and secretly she is longing for a man with a bigger penis.
    Article Related to: sex, more sex, husband, wife, marriage, relationship, lady, ladies, woman, women, man, men, horny, sexual

  • 25). Sex Positions For The Best Sex Ever  By : Rod Phillips
    Popular imagery can make us all feel inferior and inadequate when it comes to getting into bed and making love. Men "should" be studs who thrust away for hours until their lover collapses in a moaning exhausted heap, after of course she's had five mind-blowing orgasms in a row. Women "should" be moaning goddesses who come as their man thrusts deep into them while he holds them firmly and takes them to ecstasy.
    Article Related to: sex, sex positions, sexual positions, intercourse, making love


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