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Sewing Top Related Articles

  • 4). Sewing Lessons: Learning The Basics  By : Chris Marshall
    Our ancestors handed down knowledge through each generation, and sewing lessons were no different than any other helpful skill. Older women would teach girls the basics of sewing and by the time they were of an age to marry, the majority of young women would have excellent sewing and needlework skills.
    Article Related to: sewing, vintage, needlework

  • 17). How to get started with embroidery  By : Doug
    Embroidery is an age old art form using a needle and thread to create elaborate designs on a piece of cloth. Whether you choose to break out a needle and embroidery floss to work on a design by hand or use the latest technology to create a design using an embroidery machine, the result is guaranteed to be spectacular. If you are interested in learning to embroider either as a hobby or as a business, consider looking into taking a class at your local craft store or community center.
    Article Related to: embroidery, embroidery machine, sewing, sewing machine

  • 20). Measuring For Children's Patterns  By : Paisley Pincushion
    At one point or another in your sewing career, you have likely put together a cute little outfit for your son or daughter, only to have it a little tight in the chest, or the arms are just a tad short. A lot of that can be avoided if you know how to take the right measurements prior to making the garments. You donít want to needlessly spend your time and effort on something that isnít done right.
    Article Related to: sewing, sewing patterns, apron patterns, dress patterns

  • 23). Most Popular Embroidery Patterns  By :
    Embroidery is a popular hobby enjoyed by men and women all over the world. This historic needlecraft has changed a great deal over its lifetime and has been given a high tech boost through the popular embroidery machines that can whip up a lovely design with a push of a button. When it comes to the most popular embroidery patterns, however, it does not matter if you intend to grab a needle and colorful floss or download a pattern on your whiz bang embroidery machine.
    Article Related to: embroidery machines, sewing, embroidery

  • 24). Three Keys To Fabric Selection  By : Janet Montie
    There is so much variety available in fabric shops, on-line, and in mail-order catalogs that it's almost difficult to choose. Often, I end up buying fabric whether I need it right now or not. After all, a quilter must always have fabric on hand. The "magic" comes when you find a fabric that you fall in love with. Finding a suitable fabric usually isn't difficult for a project you're working on.
    Article Related to: fabric, quilt, quilting, quilts, quilters, material, sewing, cotton, discount


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