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  • 6). Hoodia 750 Review  By : Vienna Miller
    Hoodia Gordonii is a natural weight loss aid that many people swear by for fast, safe weight loss. Pills come in many sizes and forms. Some diet pills simply add Hoodia to their already jam-packed pills. Other sellers offer pure Hoodia in doses of 400 mg, 750 mg and up. So which dosage is right for you? How much should you take to get the weight loss results you want? First of all, you have to make sure that the manufacturer you're buying from actually does put the stated amount of Hoodia in their pills.
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  • 9). How Insulin Affects Us?  By : James C.Cameer
    The glycemic index helps us to understand which foods are best and worst for controlling our blood glucose levels. As we have seen, when blood glucose levels get too high, insulin is released into the bloodstream by the pancreas to help disperse the glucose. The insulin transports the glucose to cells needing extra energy. The cells have "insulin receptors" positioned so that insulin can bind to them, facilitating glucose entry and utilization in the cells.
    Article Related to: diet, diet pill, natural diet, weight loss, losing weight, danger diet pill, pill, pills, herbal pills, dieti

  • 11). Does Dieting With Chitosan Work?  By : Jerry Hall
    If you are planning to down Chitoson in a bid to lose weight fast, read on first! You may be wasting your heard earned cash on a diet pill that does not deliver as it should. We do our best to provide accurate and unbiased information and reviews on bodybuilding and weight loss supplements, which we hope will be useful to you. Chitosan is basically a fiber derived from shellfish and it claims to have the ability to dissolve and grab hold of fats and cholesterol in the stomach.
    Article Related to: diet, diet pill, natural diet, weight loss, losing weight, danger diet pill, pill, pills, herbal pills, dieti

  • 14). Carb Blockers – Lose the Fat  By : Anthony Kristovich III
    Do you find it hard to cut down on foods like potato chips, cake, bread, and pasta. Well, you are not alone. Not by a longshot! Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing people today, and one of the hardest to overcome. Sometimes you need a hand, and carb blockers are a wonder of science that are a natural, effective aid in weight loss. Also known as starch blockers, carb blockers inhibit the production of a starch-enzyme, namely the starch-digesting enzyme alpha-amylase.
    Article Related to: carb blockers, carb, blocker, blockers, pills, atkins, diet, supplement

  • 15). Diet Pills Are They Magic or Just a Placebo?  By : Kael
    With today’s corporate marketing firms, specialized nutrition companies are really selling the powerful weight loss elements that their newest product contains. But what is true and what is false? And does there really exist a magical weight loss pill. The answer may surprise you. For the past 10 years or so, I’ve taken all sorts of diet pills and “systems” to help with my own weight loss.
    Article Related to: weight loss, diet, weightloss, atkins, food, dieting, ephedra, pills, hoodia


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