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  • 12). The History Of Fox Hunting  By : Joel Noah
    Fox Hunting has always been seen as a British activity during which highly trained dogs, as well as human hunters on horseback, pursue the red fox. Animal rights activists find the ‘blood sport’ to be barbaric. However, its participants and proponents see it to be a traditional equestrian sport, as well as an important aspect of England’s aristocratic history.
    Article Related to: hunting, fox, pets

  • 25). Hernias in Dogs  By : BJones
    A hernia is a bulge of tissue or bodily organ that has passed through a tear or defect in a muscular wall. In dogs, the four most common types of hernias include umbilical hernias, inguinal hernias, perineal hernias, and diaphragmatic hernias. Umbilical hernias are the most common and occur on the midline of the stomach at the belly button. Umbilical hernias pose no real health problems since fatty tissue is usually the only item that protrudes through the opening.
    Article Related to: dog, dogs, flea, fleas, training, puppy, animal, animals, cat, cats, pet, pets


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