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Penis Top Related Articles

  • 3). Touching A Man's Penis - The Right Way  By : Deni Dear
    As women, we are usually at a loss as to how to touch a man’s penis in a way that is wonderfully pleasuring to him. Our man wants us to bring him to orgasm manually, but we have NO clue has to how to do that. How tightly do we hold his cock? How far up and down his shaft to we move our hands? How do we hold our hands on him as we stroke him? Getting a man to experience orgasm as we touch him is often a lengthy process.
    Article Related to: se tips and advise, oral sex, masturbation, penis

  • 10). What is the average penis size ?  By : J. Willey
    For most men, the size of the penis is a measure of masculinity and one's ability to satisfy another person sexually. Due to this, penis size can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Having a smaller than average size penis can lead to feelings of anxiety and fear of intimacy. Hundreds of studies and researches have been made to determine the average penis size.
    Article Related to: penis

  • 15). What Women Say About Penis Size?  By : J. Willey
    So, does penis size matter for women? Yes, penis size does matter, but not in the way that you may think. After asking several hundred women over 18 years old, sizes, ethnicities, and sexual habits, 82% of these women answered that were happy with a penis that was big enough to satisfy them, which averaged at about 6 inches, that is just about the average penis size for men.
    Article Related to: penis

  • 19). Penis Enlargement - 6 Things You Need To Know  By : The Network
    I know there are thousands of men who are searching and searching for the right product that can increase their Penis. Many men get upset when the products don’t work. Many men get upset when they get scammed, loosing hundreds of dollars. You have every right to be angry. But wait a minute, lets slow down a bit. What are some things you should be doing, when trying to figure out the best penis enlargement product to buy? Here Are 6 Things Every Penis Enlargement Buyer Need To Know 1.
    Article Related to: penis, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, penis pill, penis enhancement

  • 21). Harder Erections Everytime  By : Simon Chan
    A sub-standard erection can be a very frustrating thing, particularly if it happens with regularity. But there are steps that can be taken and that is the purpose of this article, to give well informed advice on how to achieve harder erections every time.
    Article Related to: harder erection, penis, erection

  • 22). Which Would You Prefer: A Replica Cock Or A Real Penis?  By : Abbie Acworth
    Sex toys started out with simple dildos more or less phallus shaped. Later, with the coming of electricity and batteries, the vibrating action was added. Now with the advent of new materials dildos and vibrators can be made that look almost indistinguishable from the real organ. Made with special rubbers to provide the feel of an erect penis, both firm and springy yet still with a little bit of give, modern realistic vibrators now feel very much like the real thing.
    Article Related to: sex toy, vibrator, penis, replica cock, realistic cock


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