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Pearls Top Related Articles

  • 1). The Meaning of Pearls  By : Doug
    Just like all the other gemstones, pearls carry a meaning. Historically, the glowing white orbs have been associated with the moon. With the high luster and deep color of pearls, it is no wonder why these natural gemstones have been held in such high regard for thousands of years. Eastern cultures believe that pearls symbolize purity and spiritual transformation.
    Article Related to: pearls, pearl earrings, jewelry

  • 3). Difference between Fresh Water and Salt Water Pearls  By : Doug
    Pearls are produced in both salt and fresh water, but the difference is astounding. Usually, the salt water variety of pearls are of a better quality and are also more expensive than pearls found in salt water; however, the choice between fresh water and salt water pearls is completely personal. For starters, pearls are made from shellfish. When an irritant, such as a piece of sand, invades the delicate lining of the creature, it secretes a smooth substance to coat the irritant, thus creating a pearl.
    Article Related to: pearls, pearl earrings, jewelry

  • 8). How To Choose A Pearl Necklace For Your Wedding Day  By : Donna Somerkin
    There is nothing more beautiful to complement a wedding dress than a stunning strand of pearls. This traditional wedding jewelry is more popular than ever, with brides using all styles of pearl jewelry to add that finishing touch to their bridal ensemble. In addition to looking fabulous, wearing a pearl necklace on your wedding day has historically been known as a good luck charm, promising to bring the marriage years of happiness.
    Article Related to: pearls, pearl earrings

  • 11). All About Pearls  By : Susan Green
    Wouldn’t it be nice to find real pearls from edible oysters? That would be the day when eating edible oysters would bring in not only food for the table but also pearl for jewelry. However, such thing is next to impossible considering that pearls do not grow in edible oysters. Pearls are produced by mollusks including oysters, mussels and clams. However, mussels and clams rarely produce pearls while oysters commonly produce pearls no matter if they are in freshwater or in saltwater.
    Article Related to: pearls, earrings, rings, bracelets

  • 13). Celebrities Like Their Pearls  By : Sher Matsen
    Pearls never go out of style – they are always a classy and traditional wardrobe accessory that will never disappoint you. But this year they are a “front and center” fashion statement! Just ask celebrities like Sandra Bullok, Jennifer Anistan, or Courtney Cox. So with more people in the market for pearls now is a good time for some “pearl talk.” The pearl has always been a rather prim and proper piece of jewelry – classic and seeped in tradition.
    Article Related to: pearls, imitiation pearls, faux pearls, cultured pearls, celebreties, celebrety

  • 18). Taking A Closer Look At American Indian Beadwork  By : Lisa Scott
    Beadwork is the art or craft of attaching beads to one another or to cloth using a needle and thread. Most beadwork takes the form of jewelry or other personal adornment, but beads are also used in wall hangings and sculpture. Historic pieces of American Indian beadwork are featured in museums across the country, and include fabulous displays of early beadwork using seeds, beans, nuts, shells, bones, teeth, rocks, quills, claws, pearls, turquoise, coral, silver, gold, and other things found in nature.
    Article Related to: american indian beadwork, beadsquills, pearls, turquoise

  • 22). How to buy a Pearl  By : Dana_CC
    A number of factors affect the appraisal of pearl quality. We recommend that customers learn the basics of selecting fine pearls to make pearl buying an enjoyable experience and to ensure a sound investment. Pearls Size Pearl size is mostly determined by two factors: the size of the implanted nucleus and the thickness of the nacre that grows layer upon layer around the nucleus.
    Article Related to: pearls, jewerly, black pearls


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