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Parrots Top Related Articles

  • 6). All The Secrets of Senegal Parrots  By : Dane Stanton
    The senegal parrot is native to west Africa. On average it is twenty three centimeters long and weighs in at 125 to 170 grams, with the males larger and heavier than the females. The adults of a ash grey head, yellow eyes, green back and neck, and a...
    Article Related to: senegal parrots, parrots

  • 10). The Secrets of The Red-Rumped Parrot  By : Dane Stanton
    The Red-rumped parrot is a common bird to the region of south-eastern Australia. They are of moderate size with a length of only 28cm, similar to parakeets. Its tail is long like that of arboreal birds, but they feed primarily on the ground.
    Article Related to: red parrots, parrots

  • 14). Parrots and Other Birds Need Sleep  By : Mitch Endick
    At the same you are getting less and less sleep, your pet parrot is getting ornery and difficult to handle. Where he was once a happy camper, now your parrot is getting downright surly. You and your pet parrot are both suffering from the same problem. Not enough sleep.
    Article Related to: parrot, parrots, parrots need sleep

  • 20). The Untold Secrets of Parrot Adoption  By : Dane Stanton
    Parrot adoption, like all forms of adoption, is an essential service needed for parrots that need a good home. Sometimes parrots are put for adoption simply because the previous owners are unable to care for them any more be it financially or simply an issue of time to nurture the parrot.
    Article Related to: parrot adoption, parrots

  • 21). World Parrot Refuge In Danger Of Being Shutdown!  By : Alfie Betker
    An immediate call for help is being issued to all local citizens of Vancouver Island. The World Parrot Refuge near Parksville is on the verge of being shutdown by Revenue Canada if the non-profit organization fails to pay $13,000 in owing employee deductions by July17th, 2006. Home to 500 orphaned parrots the World Parrot Refuge has taken on the challenge of rescuing these animals from displaced homes and providing them with “a home for life”.
    Article Related to: parrots, birds, pets, world refuge, danger

  • 24). The World of Parrots  By : Dane Stanton
    Parrots are wonderful creatures, with their super friendly nature and their ability to talk, they really are the perfect pet. There are so many different types of parrots to choose from, so it is important to know what you are looking for before you decide to head down to the pet store and pick one out.
    Article Related to: parrots, parrot, parrot training


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