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Open Source Top Related Articles

  • 2). Open Source Web Design  By : JMorris
    Every once in a while I run across a site that makes me say, "WOW, what a useful resource!" Open Source Web Design (OSWD) is one of those sites. As you can probably tell by the articles I've featured on MyWebResource, I'm a strong advocate for using templates to streamline website development. As a designer, I produce free templates to give back to the Internet community, and I really enjoy doing so, but occassionally, the idea machine comes to a screeching halt.
    Article Related to: open source, web design, mywebresource, w3c compliance, templates, themes

  • 6). What To Do If Linux Refuses To Boot  By : faye bautista
    This deals with what action is to be taken (during a reboot) after a power failure or an incomplete shutdown of a Linux system due to any reason. This problem seems to be very common since many newcomers install Linux and get all the various softwares/hardwares working under Linux and suddenly one day the power fails. There are a few things that you can try to get Linux back on track.
    Article Related to: linux, operating system, os, latest, ubuntu, open source, redhat

  • 7). Choosing A File Manager To Use  By : faye bautista
    Most computer users today are spoiled by the richness of the graphical user interfaces or GUI. In Linux, we have dozens of desktop environments that compete against each other for dominance. Right now, GNOME seems to be winning. However, accessing servers remotely using the same desktop environment puts a heavy demand on the network connection.
    Article Related to: linux, operating system, os, latest, ubuntu, open source, redhat


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