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Hairstyle Top Related Articles

  • 5). How To Find The Perfect Formal Hairstyle  By : Jenny Andrews B
    Finding the right hairstyle for that special occasion can be a big chore. No matter whether it is your wedding day or a formal work party, looking your best is always your top priority and you pay just as much attention to your hair as you do your dress. So, how can you find perfect updos and formal styles to suit your individual personality and style of dress? Probably the best place to start is online.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 7). Black Hair Care: How To Take Care Of Cornrows  By : Jenny Andrews B
    Cornrows and braids are one of those timeless styles that have crossed all gender and ethnic gaps. In fact, nothing is more beautiful than heedful of intricate braids and rows and no two styles are exactly alike. That is why more and more people are choosing to express themselves and their individual style through braiding and rowing. But as with all styles, cornrows come with their own special challenges and problems.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 8). Hairstyle Fads: How Much Attention Should You Pay To Them?  By : Jenny Andrews B
    Doesn’t it always seem that once a fad has caught the eye of the fashion-conscious, you see the same hairstyle everywhere on everyone of every walk of life? I mean, think about the “bowl” cut of the 90s. Everyone had that cut including men, women and children. I kid you not when I say that while working at the salon I did 20 of these haircuts in one day.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 10). Everything You Need To Know About Medium-Length Cuts  By : Jenny Andrews B
    Not too long and not too short, the medium haircut is perfect for just about everyone. From the straight and limp to the thick and naturally curly, you can be sure that there is a medium hairstyle to suit your unique tastes and hair type. The popularity of the medium-length cut has never waned, and it remains extremely popular today. In fact, most hair styles that you see can be considered medium-length styles.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 11). Popular Short Cuts: Are They For You?  By : Jenny Andrews B
    In all of its transformations and variations, the short hair cut has always been numbered at the top of the list when it comes to versatility, style and manageability. No other style catches the eye quite like short hair and no other style makes the wearer look as professional, chic and sexy as closely cropped locks. Short styles worn by women are a fairly new style trend when compared with women’s hair styles in general.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 12). How to Braid Hair  By : Jean Feingold
    Hair braiding is a way to style hair you can do at home, but it does involve a learning process. Once you know how to braid hair, you can transform your own or someone else's hair into a cute new style in just a few minutes. Here are some easy instructions on how to braid hair. To braid another person's hair or do the front of your own head The hair should be clean and dry.
    Article Related to: how to braid hair, hairstyle

  • 14). How To Do Linear Color And Other Funky Color Techniques  By : Jenny Andrews B
    At home hair color is a million-dollar business, but there are some services that at-home hair color cannot provide. These services include new and funky techniques used by stylists to create custom styles and looks. But if you know how to do the techniques, you can do them yourself without having to set foot in a salon. Here are just a few of the latest salon color trends and how to do them yourself: Slicing Slicing is probably the easiest highlighting technique for you to master at home.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 15). Teen Hair Style Ideas  By : Michael Barrows
    There is perhaps never a better time when you can pull off the very trendy and funky hair styles as when you are a teenager. The teen hair style, while always evolving and reflecting the tastes of the generation, always tends to be a trendy hair style that is hard for older people to imitate and still look great. From a ton of texture to funky and fresh color techniques, the teen hair style is always at the cutting edge of fashion.
    Article Related to: teen hairstyles, hair styles, hair care, hairstyle

  • 17). The Latest Trends In Mens Hairstyles  By : Michael Barrows
    Today's man hair style can be either long and textured or super short and tight and still be considered trendy and at the height of fashion. Some men's hair styles require gel, mousse or pomade while others don't even need to be combed. The truth is that now more than ever there are numerous ways to achieve a stylish and trendy man hair cut. That means that there are a lot of different styles for men who are looking for the perfect man hair style to choose from.
    Article Related to: men's hairstyle, man hairstyle, hairstyle, man's hair cut

  • 18). Wigs: The Good, The Bad And The Ridiculous  By : Michael Barrows
    While many people purchase a wig to change their style or to create a dramatic look for a special night, others wear wig hairpieces on a daily basis to conceal thinning hair or to cover baldness resulting from an illness. But no matter why you choose to wear a wig, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you purchase one and incorporate wigs into your style.
    Article Related to: wigs, hairpieces, wig hairpieces, hairstyle, hair care

  • 19). How To Choose A Hairstyle That’s Perfect For You  By : Darla Di Grandi-Aguilera
    Choosing the perfect hairstyle is just one of those things that elude most women. Sometimes, a gorgeous cut is undermined by the fact that the woman wearing it is too busy to style it properly. Other times, a cut is chosen because of how great it looks on someone else, but ends up looking pathetic on the woman wishing to mimic the style because her hair type and texture is the exact opposite needed to wear the style beautifully.
    Article Related to: hair care, hair salon, salon, spa, hairstyle, hair cut

  • 21). How To Make Thinning Hair Lush and Thick  By : Michael Barrows
    Even people with thinning hair dream of having lush, thick and healthy locks to set off their complete look. For most people with thinning hair, though, all of their styling endeavors are met with frustration and a resulting style that falls short of the image that they had envisioned. But it doesn't have to be that way. Thinning hair does not sentence you to a life of dull and unstylish tresses.
    Article Related to: thinning hair, hairstyle, hair care

  • 22). What Makes The Sedu Flat Iron So Special?  By : Jenny Andrews B
    If you have been browsing for a new flat iron, you have no doubt run across ads for the Sedu ionic ceramic flat iron. In fact, this iron is touted by famous Hollywood actresses and stylists to the stars as being the best flat iron that money can buy. But just what is so special about this iron and is it worth all of the hype? The Sedu flat iron is a unique flat iron that has heating plates constructed of ceramic and tourmaline.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion

  • 23). 10 Definite Don’ts Of Great Hair Care  By : Michael Barrows
    If the amount of money consumers spend on hair care products annually is any indication, most people are concerned about the appearance of their hair and strive to attain beautiful, healthy and stylish locks. In fact, most will go to any lengths to achieve their desired look. From professional salon treatments to over-the-counter serums, hair care is a big business.
    Article Related to: hair care, hairstyle, hair care advice

  • 24). How To Create A Stunning Updo  By : Jenny Andrews B
    With prom season right around the corner, you are no doubt already thinking about how you want to wear your hair for the special night. While many of your friends may end up spending a fortune getting their hair done at a salon, you can easily do your hair at home and achieve stunning results. The key is in the details. When creating updos at home, one of the hardest things to do is craft perfect twists and dramatic effects.
    Article Related to: hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion


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