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Embroidery Top Related Articles

  • 7). Custom Embroidery Tips  By : George Royal
    There are important considerations you have to bear in mind before creating or ordering your own, custom embroidery designs. For D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself) people, it is easy to get yourself a hi-tech embroidery machine complete with digitized programs, but the quality of your work will depend on your own artistic instincts and knowledge of specific embroidery techniques.
    Article Related to: embroidery, hobby, hobbies

  • 9). Essential Embroidery Supplies  By : George Royal
    Before taking up embroidery as an occupation or a hobby, you need to know the different types of important embroidery supplies and accessories that are available. Also keep in mind that each type can be further divided into specific subtypes based on function and utility. Choose the right tools depending on your need, and type of work. The Hoop: An embroidery hoop is a circular tool usually made of wooden material that is used to hold the fabric steady, providing support and stability to the fabric being embroidered.
    Article Related to: embroidery, hobby, hobbies, machines

  • 10). Choosing Embroidery Thread  By : George Royal
    Selecting the right type of threads for any embroidery work is important because the color and texture of the design, and eventually the look of the final product depend on the material and type of thread used. There’s a wide variety of embroidery thread to choose from, so take your time to decide what type or combination should be best for the design you have in mind.
    Article Related to: embroidery, hobby, hobbies

  • 17). Buying Embroidery Machines  By : George Royal
    Types of Embroidery Machines: When shopping for embroidery machines, remember that there are different types of equipments that can be classified under embroidery machines, based on function, size and use. The most common types are those that need manual operation to create designs on fabrics and other materials, and are mainly used for fiber art and quilting projects.
    Article Related to: embroidery, hobby, hobbies, embroidery machines

  • 21). How to get started with embroidery  By : Doug
    Embroidery is an age old art form using a needle and thread to create elaborate designs on a piece of cloth. Whether you choose to break out a needle and embroidery floss to work on a design by hand or use the latest technology to create a design using an embroidery machine, the result is guaranteed to be spectacular. If you are interested in learning to embroider either as a hobby or as a business, consider looking into taking a class at your local craft store or community center.
    Article Related to: embroidery, embroidery machine, sewing, sewing machine

  • 25). Most Popular Embroidery Patterns  By :
    Embroidery is a popular hobby enjoyed by men and women all over the world. This historic needlecraft has changed a great deal over its lifetime and has been given a high tech boost through the popular embroidery machines that can whip up a lovely design with a push of a button. When it comes to the most popular embroidery patterns, however, it does not matter if you intend to grab a needle and colorful floss or download a pattern on your whiz bang embroidery machine.
    Article Related to: embroidery machines, sewing, embroidery


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