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Ecommerce Top Related Articles

  • 12). The e-Commerce Revolution  By : Michael Hehn
    The Growth of E-Commerce It's amazing all the changes in the way people do business in the short time since the beginning of the e-commerce revolution. The e-commerce revolution was predicted in the early stages of the internet. Those who predicted the sweeping business changes brought about by the world wide web knew what they were talking about. In the early days of the e-commerce revolution customers were reluctant to give their credit card information to somebody on the internet.
    Article Related to: e-commerce, b-biz, e-business, internet, home business, homebiz

  • 14). Customer Service Strategies on eBay  By : Michael Hehn
    Copyright © Michael Hehn, Online-Profit-4-You Customer service is important on eBay. Buyers rate their satisfaction with sellers, and your rating can make a difference on whether potential customers are willing to buy from you. Customer service strategies on eBay start by providing an accurate product description. Displaying clear pictures and describing any imperfection shows the buyer what to expect.
    Article Related to: start home business, e-commerce, ebay, customer service

  • 25). Keys to a Good Business Plan.  By : Anthony Jewell
    A business plan is a very important part of any business. It is usually drawn up before the business launches, but can also be developed after a business has already taken off. A good plan can take some time to develop but the effort you put into it will be well worth it to make your business succeed. Not many people know exactly what goes into a good business plan. What alot don't realize is that each business plan is unique to each business.
    Article Related to: commerce, business plan, development, ecommerce


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