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Business Top Related Articles

  • 1). 9 Ways to Gain Expert Recognition  By : Hans Hasselfors
    No matter what business you are in it always helps to be seen as an expert. If you were calling someone to fix a drain or sell your house you would approach the person you saw as most credible and reputable in that area of expertise. To become an expert takes hard work and experience. It can involve study or the honing of practical skills. It demands high standards of work.
    Article Related to: expert, experts, business, entrepreneurship

  • 10). Tracking Your Children With GPS  By : Sintilia Miecevole
    From the moment children are born their parents naturally worry about them. Are they hungry? Are they warm enough? Are they sick? Soon parents face the surrounding dangers as toddlers start to crawl, walk and run. The hazards seem to be everywhere. As any parent knows, the concerns only become deeper seated as children get older. Safety is all a parent can think about - especially when their children are not with them.
    Article Related to: satellite, business

  • 13). 10 Questions Angel Investors Will Ask You  By : David Rapp
    Copyright 2006 David Rapp Ventures If you are looking to private investors for business funding, then you better be ready to answer some serious questions. The following ten questions will always be asked by savvy investors, so make sure you can rattle off these answers on demand. 1. What type of products or services will your company provide? Give them a quick summary of your company and its business model.
    Article Related to: angel, investors, private, equity, capital, business

  • 14). The Power of Online Discussion Board Advertising  By : brian
    Posting messages on online discussion boards is a great way to get free advertising. When you post a message include your signature file at the end. Your signature file should be no more than 5 to 6 lines. Include an attention-getting sentence why they should visit your web site or e-mail your auto responder.
    Article Related to: marketing, business, discussion

  • 19). Two Views of Social Responsibility  By : Jonathon Hardcastle
    Government regulation and public awareness are external forces that have increased the social responsibility of business. But business decisions are made within the company. Two contrasting philosophies, or models, define the range of management attitudes toward social responsibility; the economic and the socioeconomic model.
    Article Related to: social responsibility, employment, business


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