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Breastfeeding Top Related Articles

  • 6). Baby Toy Safety  By : Robin Darch
    Buying toys for your baby is about more than just what will entertain them. You have to make sure that you buy toys for your baby that are safe. There are a lot of toys out there that are unsafe for babies. This article will explore some of the things you need to look for when buying baby toys. Balloons are a definite no. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) warns parents and guardians of young children about the suffocation hazard presented by uninflated toy balloons and pieces of broken balloons.
    Article Related to: baby, babies, diaper, feeding, shower, gift, breastfeeding, illness, potty, training, child, names, safety, toys, food

  • 7). Breastfeeding and Mastitis  By : Sinead Hoben
    Mastitis is perhaps the most distressing problem you may encounter when attempting to breastfeed. You have been making it through the sleepless nights, the relentless feeding schedule, the diapers, the leaking... when all of a sudden you want to stop breastfeeding. Why? Mastitis is the answer. One of your breasts is engorged. There is a slightly red patch which is painful to touch.
    Article Related to: breastfeeding, mastitis, breastfeeding problems, self help, advice

  • 8). Public Breastfeeding  By : Sinead Hoben
    Okay, so you've decided to breastfeed and everything is going great guns or near enough. But sooner or later you are going to have to venture outdoors with your little bundle! One of the greatest concerns for a lot of newly breastfeeding mothers is what to do if the baby starts screaming with hunger halfway through the weekly shopping. Breastfed babies generally don't have to wait for their food.
    Article Related to: breastfeeding, baby, public

  • 9). Should I Breastfeed or use Formula?  By : Kathleen Frassrand
    The decision of how to feed your baby is a very personal one. The benefits of breast-feeding are numerous and significant, but many women still choose not to for reasons all their own. Before you decide how to feed you child, take a few moments to study up on breastfeeding, then armed with information, making your choice should be easier. Breastfeeding has two stages, colustrum and regular milk.
    Article Related to: pregnancy, breastfeeding, formula, baby feeding

  • 14). Get Dad Involved in Breastfeeding  By : Robin OBrien
    Many fathers feel excluded from parenting their children during the first initial stages of life. This feeling of exclusion and helplessness is exacerbated by mother breastfeeding her baby. So, can a father get more involved when it comes to feeding his baby? The answer is, yes. The number one thing a dad can do to get involved is to support mom. At times, both parents will feel very tired when caring for the newborn infant, the mother especially.
    Article Related to: breastfeeding, breast feeding, breastfed, breast fed, dad, mom, baby, father, help, feed baby

  • 16). Should I Breastfeed My Baby?  By : D Ruplinger
    Many expectant Moms ask themselves whether or not they should breastfeed their baby. The vast majority of medical professionals will give them a resounding yes when asked this question, at least for most mothers. For the majority of new mothers, breastfeeding is highly recommended. But it is not recommended for all mothers. Mothers who are HIV positive or who have AIDS should not breastfeed their baby because the HIV virus can be passed to the baby through breast milk.
    Article Related to: breastfeeding, breastmilk

  • 18). How To Visit A New Mom And Have Her Love You Afterwards  By : Carrie Lauth
    Going to visit a new Mother and her tiny baby? As a Mom who has been there 4 times, I've had great and not-so-great experiences when friends came to visit postpartum. Make your visit a blessing instead of a drudgery with these tips. 1) Call beforehand and ask what you can bring her to eat A new Mom, especially if she's breastfeeding, is hungry! Don't ask if she wants you to bring her anything.
    Article Related to: reflux, babies, breastfeeding, breastfed

  • 19). How Is Breast Milk Made?  By : Robin OBrien
    When a mother is expecting a baby for the first time she is often worried about whether she will produce enough breast milk to feed her child. This is quite natural. However some mothers still feel that they will not produce enough for their child, despite begin told not to worry from their doctor, midwife, friends and family. Perhaps, understanding how breast milk is made will alleviate those fears.
    Article Related to: breastmilk, breastfeeding, lactation, nursing baby, baby nutrition

  • 20). Help! My Breastfed Baby Spits Up Frequently  By : Carrie Lauth
    Q: My breastfed baby spits up frequently. Is there something I'm eating that could be causing this? Could it be reflux? Or is this normal? A: If your baby is spitting up, even if it's a frequent occurrence, it's rarely a sign of a serious problem. In fact, "In a healthy baby," according to the late Dr. Gregory White, previously a medical advisor to La Leche League, "spitting up is a laundry problem, not a medical problem.
    Article Related to: babies, baby, spit up, reflux, breastfeeding

  • 21). Baby Monitors  By : Robin Darch
    The first baby monitors were really just a small intercom you hung by your babyís crib so you would know if they started crying. Advances in design and technology have improved and so have the baby monitors you can purchase. Baby Monitors are used by millions of families every year to help watch over their newborns and older babies. Some now sense movement, sound, and some even have visual monitors for watching over your newborn baby.
    Article Related to: baby, babies, diaper, feeding, shower, gift, breastfeeding, illness, potty, training, child, names, safety, toys, food

  • 22). Choosing Maternity Bras For Maximum Comfort And Support  By : Julia Tanner
    If you are new to pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may be a little overwhelmed with the commitments of motherhood. Although this may feel like unknown territory, it is not as difficult as it may seem. For example, in choosing maternity bras, many of the same factors apply as regular bras. However, there are a few new considerations to keep in mind. The key to choosing maternity bras is finding something that is comfortable and supportive.
    Article Related to: maternity bras, pregnancy, breastfeeding, underwear


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