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Php Top Related Articles

  • 3). PHPBB: You Can Simplify the Set Up Process!  By : Matthew C. Keegan
    In several previous articles I mentioned my having downloaded and installed the fantastic PHPBB open source forum. I shared with readers the lengthy and tedious process of selecting the right mirror, downloading the files to my computer, and following all the long, drawn out, and complicated set up steps. Fortunately, what was once a procedure that took the better part of a day can now take 30 minutes or less to complete! Let’s take a look how you can shorten the entire set up process and start benefiting from this free, popular program.
    Article Related to: phpbb, phpbb2, php, mysql, web host, vbulletin, invision boards, ezboard, forums, message boards

  • 6). Tutorial - Enabling IIS 5.1 on Windows XP Pro  By : C Alexander
    Windows XP Home Edition does not support IIS 1. You may need to put your Windows XP Pro CD into the PC. 2. Go to Control Panel, ‘Add Remove Programs’, then ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’. In the Windows Components window, place a check mark beside ‘Internet Information Services (IIS)’, then click next, then click finish. 3. During installation, Windows creates a directory at C:inetpubwwwroot and places a few files there.
    Article Related to: php, mysql, tutorial, iis, web, server, windows, xp, pro

  • 9). ASP vs. PHP  By : Halstatt Pires
    When building web sites, ASP and PHP are very popular languages. Here’s my opinion on whether ASP or PHP is best ASP v. PHP Both ASP and PHP are languages used to build Dynamic Web sites that can interact with Databases and exchange information. ASP (Active Server Pages) is from Microsoft and is used with IIS (Internet Information Server) that runs on Microsoft Servers.
    Article Related to: asp, php, mysql, windows server, building a web site, c++, visual basic, microsoft, ms-sql

  • 12). How To Block Sites Access Manually  By : Monx Digital Library
    If you're using Windows Operating System and didn't use Proxy to connect to the internet, then search for the 'hosts' file or if you use Windows XP and use Windows XP standard installation, you can find the file at C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts These file used as a mapping site URL to your localhost IP. You can use this trick to block sites access and also blocking ads sites, so you can surf the internet faster.
    Article Related to: install, apache, mysql, php, phpmyadmin, zend optimizer, windows xp

  • 13). Introduction to Web services with PHP  By : Krystal L. L.
    Note that both Google's service and PEAR::SOAP are technically still in beta, so you might encounter the odd bug from time to time. There are other SOAP client libraries available, including the PHP5 SOAP extension and NuSOAP, and while implementation details are different the basic theory is the same as presented here. Setting up the PEAR SOAP module Before we can start using SOAP, we had better make sure both PEAR itself and the SOAP module are available.
    Article Related to: php, web services

  • 14). At A Glance: vs. PHP  By : Ian Wilson
    In the world of web development, the choice of which development language to use commonly comes down to two popular choices. Web applications, specifically those relying on back end databases, are typically being created using either Microsoft's ASP.Net language, or the Open Source alternative language of PHP. Reasons why one might choose one over the other can include: The cost of development tools, or availability of such tools, or even ones comfort level with the Open Source initiative.
    Article Related to: website hosting, asp, php, compare, functionality, scripting

  • 18). Small Business Web Hosting: 11 Points Checklist  By : Sergio Roth
    There is a lot of information about web hosting. Thousands of different companies and plans. It is often hard to decide on what will fit you best, especially when you do not understand all the hosting related terminology. So what should you do then? Close your eyes and pick a company? Pick the cheapest one? The average one? I will try to help you make your decision in this article, by providing a checklist of the items you should consider when choosing a hosting company for your small business website.
    Article Related to: web hosting, hosting, small business, internet, programming, website, domains, linux, php, mysql

  • 22). Good Web Site Design  By : Peter Cross
    There are very few web pages on the internet that clearly state what is good web site design and what is not good web site design. That's because it's completely subjective, like what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. So it takes a highly opinionated strong ego like this one to step in there and say "OK folks, this is what it is." Now I jumped.
    Article Related to: web site design, web page design, html, php

  • 24). Building A New Website In PHP  By : Bobby Heard
    New website owners and existing website owners alike consistently make a very common, yet extremely costly mistake. They find a web designer first and then an SEO second. Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs do not realize that literally every single thing that goes into building a new website will impact your SEO campaign. They commonly funnel thousands of dollars into a brand new website, only to find out that there are a lot of areas that must be rebuilt in order to have an optimum SEO campaign.
    Article Related to: seo, search, engine, optimization, php, design

  • 25). 5 Security Considerations When Coding  By : Bryce Whitty
    1. Input Checking Always check user input to be sure that it is what you expected. Make sure it doesn’t contain characters or other data which may be treated in a special way by your program or any programs called by your program.This often involves checking for characters such as quotes, and checking for unusual input characters such as non-alphanumeric characters where a text string is expected.
    Article Related to: security, coding, programming, php, hacking, c++, code, secure


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