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  • 6). How to create a favicon and what a favicon is.  By : Paul Symonds
    You may in the past have saved a website into your favourites folder and then been surprised in the future when you went back to the site and found that a small 16x16 pixel icon/image showed next to the website name. How did that get there you may be wondering. Similarly, you may sometime shave saved web files to your desktop and wondered what this favicon file is all about? If you have experienced these situations, or if you just want to know how to create what is known as a favicon, let me explain.
    Article Related to: favicon, ico, seo, emarketing, web, design, advertising, marketing, html, favourites, favorites

  • 10). Emphasizing Your Keyword For SEO  By : Halstatt Pires
    Once you get into the search engine optimization game, you will learn all kinds of fundamental axioms. Emphasizing your keyword in code is one. Emphasizing Your Keyword For SEO Keywords are the key, pun intended, to search engine optimization. You must develop an understanding of what your prospects are looking for in your area of business. Keyword research is the method for doing this and a step that should be undertaken with great precision and effort.
    Article Related to: seo, search engine optimization, keyword, commands, html, marketing

  • 16). Good Web Site Design  By : Peter Cross
    There are very few web pages on the internet that clearly state what is good web site design and what is not good web site design. That's because it's completely subjective, like what is beautiful and what is not beautiful. So it takes a highly opinionated strong ego like this one to step in there and say "OK folks, this is what it is." Now I jumped.
    Article Related to: web site design, web page design, html, php

  • 21). Web Design Tips  By : Halstatt Pires
    Web Design is an art, yet following basic steps can help lead even a non-artist to a good design. For the novice or the expert, there is always more to learn with these web design tips. Web Design Tips 1. Graphic Design of the Site There is a saying ďFirst impression is the last impression.Ē The design of the site is one of the most important aspects to be considered while creating a web page.
    Article Related to: web design, tips, html, coding, plug ins, alt tag, update, graphics, graphic design, tools

  • 25). Best website building video ever  By : mike pauli
    Yes Iím sure about it. Arenít you yet? Well let me tell you about it, so you can find out for yourself. In my search for online business I ran into a site which gave me the tools to create my own website. It provided a video guided program to build a website. The program was part off an amazing and powerful package. The package was a combination of who to get started with online business, how to find your niche , to create a product and how to sell that product.
    Article Related to: website, html, video course, uploading, easy, wysiwyg


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