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  • 10). Six New Debate Topics  By : Steve Gillman
    The same debate topics are used again and again. Why not liven up your next debate with some new ideas? Here are some more unusual and fundamental questions to debate. Happiness shouldn't be pursued. The pro side of this could start with the obvious pain that people face when their expectations are not met. Maybe it is better to just relax and stop thinking about happiness.
    article related to: debate topics, debate, new ideas

  • 11). Ebook Design (HTML)  By : Shelley Lowery
    When designing an HTML compiled ebook, you must create an HTML document (web page) for each page within your ebook. These pages should include

  • 14). Jokes and Riddles - How To Write Them  By : Steve Gillman
    Just listening to or reading jokes and riddles may "wake up" your brain, but it is creating them that really exercises your brainpower. The process requires you to use both logical and lateral thinking skills. How do you do it, then? Jokes and riddle don't come to mind randomly. In fact, after watching how many comedians create their routines, I am convinced that they use what I call "humor algorithms," even if they do so unconsciously.
    article related to: jokes and riddles, riddles, jokes, brainpower exercise

  • 15). Choose Great Research Topics  By : Denton Krypps
    Doing research and writing research papers does not actually have to be as horrible as everyone makes it out to be. I have learned to enjoy the process of research from start to finish. Call me crazy if you will, but I guarentee that the future of your educational career can be much more enjoyable if you learn now to enjoy research. For me, enjoying it started with choosing the right research topics.
    article related to: research topics

  • 19). Being A Writer Is So Taxing  By : Scott Lindsay
    For many writers the idea of trying to figure out how to manage taxes related to writing is laughable because they are still dreaming of selling their first article, story or manuscript. However, you may well find yourself receiving payment for your writing one day – and when you do, it's important to know some tax basics as they relate to writing. In America all income is taxable and that includes income from writing.
    article related to: christian writer, christian writing, christianity, writing, taxes

  • 21). Writing For Greeting Cards  By : John H. Rogers
    Greeting cards are a wonderful way to express your feelings. They offer a way for us to say what we mean even if we cannot find the words ourselves, which is where greeting card writers come in. They do not receive a byline and never see their work published in national magazines, but they do produce some of the most widely read projects. Writing for greeting cards is especially nice because the word count is low and the pay can be as much, or more, than some publications.
    article related to: greeting cards

  • 22). Benefit We Gain from Problem Solving  By : Carol Miller
    The real fact on this Earth is that no human being has ever lived without problems a single day. This is impossible. People deal wit problems every day and problems do not fade away by themselves, they stay until the person resolves them. When a person gets strong enough to overcome stress and get to the core of things, then the amount of problems lessens.
    article related to: problem solving, mode of behaviour, ego

  • 23). A Blank Paper  By : William Ramos
    A BLANK PAPER…is what I came up with after racking my brain to sweet talk you, sweep you off your feet; but as I crown myse

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