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  • 2). The Day the Music Died – 911  By : Paul M. Jerard Jr.
    The rest of the world is puzzled by this sudden “about face” in the care for human rights. The terrorists and our former allies should get a copy of an American history book. We haven’t forgotten 911, and we are not “sheep.” Part of our culture is warm and loving, while another part of our culture is decisive, bold, militaristic, and wants immediate retribution.
    article related to: news, society, government, politics, 911, music, died, death, day, bad

  • 22). President Gul of Turkey - An Islamist in Disguise ?  By : Leslie Hardy
    The election of Abdullah Gul as President of Turkey on 28 August 2007 is controversial because of his Islamic background. Now that both the Prime Minister and President have religious backgrounds, his election is widely viewed as a threat to the secular ethos of the Turkish State.
    article related to: turkey, gul, islam

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