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  • 17). Stock Trading Psychology  By : Tim Renolds
    Many of today’s highly successful traders will tell you that the general key to success in trading is to be able to comfortably take a loss. It is general knowledge among experts in the trading psychology field and among traders that the market is not predictable and it is safe to say that it never will be. In the world of trading, it is expected to take a loss; even those who are highly skilled traders know that it is inevitable.

  • 20). Stock Trading – What Every Investor Should Know  By : panikkarson
    Never try to fight against a trend. It may be tempting to buy a falling stock in order to average your costs. In fact, many investors seem to recommend such a step. In practice, in a majority of situations this only results in throwing good money after bad. Always have a stop loss, for every stock. If your stock moves down, at what price must you definitely sell? If you do not use historical data and technical analysis to arrive at investment decisions, you must have at least a fixed-amount method.
    article related to: investing, stock market, momentum investing

  • 21). Online Stock Trading  By : Kent Pinkerton
    Among the many revolutionary changes brought about by the advent of the Internet is online stock trading. Once the exclusive preserve of the rich and the wealthy, the stock market has now become a place where even the common man can play a part. Investors today can use Internet client-server technology to trade stocks anywhere, anytime they like. Just a couple of mouse clicks and the client is through with a thousand-dollar transaction! There are several ways in which one can participate in online stock trading.
    article related to: stock trading, online stock trading, option stock trading, stock trading systems

  • 22). Stock Brokers -- Just The Facts  By : Ron King
    Most of the buying and selling on the stock market is handled by stock brokers on behalf of their clients, who are the investors. Many different types of brokerage services are available. Full-Service Brokers "Full-service brokers" offer a variety of ways to help clients meet their investment goals. These brokers can give advice about which stocks to buy and sell, and often have large research departments that analyze market trends and predict stock movements, for their clients.
    article related to: stocks, stock trading

  • 24). Trading Using Multiple Time Frames  By : Umashankar Galla
    Why do we need to Trade Using Multiple Timeframes? To improve the efficiency of our trading strategy. We see the major Trend using a higher time frame than what we intend to use & a lower Time frame to enter a trade. Say we want to trade using the Daily Charts. We take the Weekly charts to see the major trend. Suppose it’s an uptrend in a Weekly chart.
    article related to: charts, signals, timeframe, buy, sell, trend

  • 25). Wealth Is Made By Focusing In Stocks  By : Mark Crisp
    STOP. STOP trying to create the perfect trading system. There isn't one. Phew..what a relief. Stop spending all those hours creating more and more trading rules and realize this: Money creation in the stock market is made from CONCENTRATION. That's right. Trading the very best stocks atthe right time with enough capital to make a big difference.
    article related to: stocks

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