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Articles in: Home / Business / Small Business

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  • 6). Growing Your Small Business With Honesty And Integrity  By : Joe Torrence
    Small business is America. Almost every person has at one time or another dreamed of owning their own business. Why not? I don't have to answer to a boss. I can set my own hours. In 10 or 20 years, I can live a life of leisure or somewhere at the top of the food chain. So the goals are set, the die is cast and off you go into the world of owning your owm small business.
    article related to: profit, bottom line, honesty, integrity

  • 9). Take Waste Out Of Your Spending  By : Drew Miles
    Buyer Beware: The ability to save money has nothing to do with income. Take waste out of your spending and you’ll drive the haste out of your life. Continue to learn “the rules,” as they’re always changing. Learn the rules We’re not taught “the rules” in school—high school, college, law school. So we go through life in the dark, not understanding why it’s so hard to get ahead.
    article related to: roth ira, retirement savings, self-directed ira

  • 11). Probe Before You Sell  By : Jay
    When selling a product to a customer, it is very important to find out as much as you can about your customer and their needs before you proceed with your sale. This is commonly referred to as “needs based selling.” The most effective way to find out about your customers needs, is to ask probing, open-ended questions. An open-ended question does not allow your customer to give you a “yes” or “no” answer, it makes them explain to you what their needs are, and why they would need a particular product.
    article related to: sales, marketing, loan officer, mortgage, leads, telemarketing, skills, training, blog, selling, internet mortgage lead

  • 24). How to Write a Business Plan  By : Sam Vaknin
    There are many types of symbols. Money from investors, banks or financial organisations is one such kind of symbols. A successful Business Plan (=a successful manipulation of symbols) is one which brings in its wake the receipt of credits (money, another kind of symbol). What are the rules of manipulating symbols? In our example, what are the properties of a successful Business Plan? (1) That it is closely linked to reality.

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