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  • 4). 3 Ways To Become A Media Bimbo  By : Susan Harrow
    Bimboism is rampant in today's media climate where those who do get their fifteen minutes of fame squander it with empty words and idiotic antics. Think about how much of YOUR time is wasted when you watch TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers or magazines. How long do you stay with a story if it's not pertinent to your interests or if the interviewee is dull? With so much competition for your attention it's easy to move on to the next best thing.
    article related to: media, media coaching, marketing, publicity, pr

  • 5). Send Business greeting card this holiday season  By : thomsonchemmanoor
    The holiday season is around the season. There are lots of cards and gifts being exchanged, with lots of money being spent in the air. This is the season to be jolly, and also to make others jolly through greeting cards and phone calls. When the holiday season comes, one starts deciding on whom to send business greeting cards to, and on whom not to send cards to.

  • 6). How to have lasting relationship with clients?  By : CD Mohatta
    Clients are the most precious assets for a business. Without clients, there can be no business. With poor quality of clients, the business will be poor and if you manage to get very good clients and retain their loyalty, your business will only go up and up. This all sounds very exciting. But it is not easy to get very good clients and all the more difficult to retain them.

  • 25). Live Operator VS. Voicemail Study  By : Specialty
    Specialty Answering Service, the leading internet based live operator answering service, released today an independent study showing the ineffectiveness of voicemail versus call center applicatons. The study showed that over 70% of callers do not leave messages on voicemail. It is very hard to imagine that many businesses are losing seven out of every ten calls.
    article related to: answering service, call center

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