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Articles in: Home / Family / Parenting

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  • 3). Solving Baby Slep Problems - The Ferber Method  By : Debbie Walker
    Nothing can prepare new parents for the mind numbing weariness that comes with lack of sleep. A new baby may be tiny but the havoc they wreak to your sleep is huge. It can take work to establish good sleeping habits. One of the hardest things for your baby is to learn to fall asleep on his own. I firmly believe that parents need to reclaim their evenings.

  • 4). Is My Teen Lying?  By : Keith Allen
    All teens lie, right? Teen lying is something that is done harmlessly and viciously. Teens lie for many reasons; most of them have to do with their ability to do it. Pulling a fast one over on mom and dad is something you probably tried too. But, in today's world, lying teens can get into a whole lot more trouble than you could. That is what makes it so important to know if your teen is lying to you and then to handle it.
    article related to: teens, lying, parenting, troubled teens, struggling teens

  • 5). Prevent Your Teenager From Becoming A Statistic  By : Funky
    Parents please don't be naive in thinking that your teenager is not having sex, the majority of teenagers are. We have to better educate our children on the risks of unprotected sex. This task may sound embarrassing for both you and your teenager but it must be done. Schools only scrape the surface when discussing unprotected sex, stating that they can catch STD's and fall pregnant; where they fail is by not shocking our teenagers with the realities of these subjects.
    article related to: unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy, std's, safe sex, condoms

  • 6). Mother's Day - Thank Your Mother Everyday  By : CD Mohatta
    We remember our Mother on Mother's Day. That is not to say that otherwise we have forgotten her. But on Mother's Day, we especially say thanks to our mother. This is the day to celebrate Motherhood. Let us talk about our mother and find out if one day in a year is enough to remember mother? We are grown up today because of our mother. Right from the day we are born, mother takes us under her protection.
    article related to: mother, thank, friends, ecards, everyday, relationship

  • 7). Advantages Of Getting Tutors  By : Matt Shupe
    Tutors are basically teachers who help students or learners to obtain more information and skills on specific subjects. Tutors are professionals who are considered knowledgeable or experts in their specific fields like typing, math, English or other subjects. Generally, students who require one-on-one training on a particular subject require coaching outside school hours.
    article related to: tutor, math, english, education, german, spanish

  • 8). Teaching a Child Responsible Behavior Begins at Home  By : Lori S. Anton
    Parents are teachers, too. When it comes to child rearing, one of the most important lessons a parent can teach their youngster is responsible behavior. This means helping the child learn how to interact with others in a way that displays self-respect, as well as respect toward others. No child comes into this world pre-programmed with good manners and virtuous attributes such as a willingness to share, consideration for the feelings of others, respect for others possessions, respect for authority figures, and a selfless attitude.
    article related to: teaching a child, responsible behavior, self-respect, self-control, courage, honesty

  • 11). Children With Social Phobia  By : blueboy
    Social phobia has a tendency to begin during adolescence, but can develop much earlier. The onset of social phobia during one’s formative years can have a devastating effect on their social development. If left unchecked it can lead to serious psychological problems in later life, maladjustment, agoraphobia, depression and even suicide. The symptoms of excessive shyness and acute self-consciousness are relatively easy to spot.
    article related to: children, social, phobia, social phobia

  • 15). Autism: What Causes It, And Can It Be Cured?  By : Lisa Hyde
    Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more children. But many autistic children have been able to lead normal lives. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by abnormal social interaction, communication ability, interest patterns, and behavior patterns. Autism is found to occur due to the vulnerability to environmental triggers displayed by the human genes.
    article related to: autism, autism walk, autism awareness bracelet

  • 17). Just What Is Colic – And Does My Baby Have It  By : Sarah Veda
    There are few things more nerve wracking than a crying baby, particularly when nothing you do seems to console him. But, how do you know when your baby’s symptoms have are just crying and when he has colic? And, just what is colic, anyway? No one knows exactly what causes colic, though many old wives tales abound. Lots of older women will tell you.
    article related to: baby, babies, infant, parent, mother, child

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