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  • 11). This Experience Called Life!  By : Sharon Marquart
    Life is what happens between birth and death. We all have about 80 years to experience this journey called life. This is one of many articles and thought provoking topics explored by Sharon Marquart and the Living at YES program. Sign up for free teleclasses by Sharon at
    article related to: life, death, choice, karma, destiny, perception

  • 15). All about Capricorn Love Compatibility  By : Matthias Zeitler
    A Capricornian is the most persistent of all the signs when it comes to love and sensuality.A Capricornian is an extremely romantic lover, in spite of his practical persona, though he feels uncomfortable with excessive demonstrations or display of affection. Wealth, power and sexuality are the three priorities in the life of a Capricornian. He will marry for love as well as for money and prestige.
    article related to: signs, love, characteristics

  • 20). Facts about Cancer Love Compatibility  By : Matthias Zeitler
    Cancers are great lovers. When they fall in love with someone they are capable of making this a relationship for the lifetime. They are very supportive and loyal to their partners. This is not an easy task to make the Cancerians fall in love as they have a tough to crack shell around themselves.
    article related to: love, horoscope, romance

  • 21). Chinese Astrology Signs Compatibility  By : Matthias Zeitler
    Exploring the compatibility between the 12 animal signs is a very interesting and entertaining way of using Chinese astrology. If the love match says that 2 animal signs are compatible, it translates into the happy occasion of love or marriage or both.
    article related to: chinese, free, signs

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