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  • 10). Many Kinds Of Banks - Many Kinds Of Accounts  By : Sintilia Miecevole
    Sometimes looking into opening an account or accounts in banks can be confusing. There are so many types of banks and bank accounts! Which banks are right for you to open anaccount in? Which types of accounts do you need to open? Below are some simple explanations of several types of banks and the accounts you can open. One will surely be right for you! There are many kinds of banks: 1.

  • 15). Good Supervision is a Good Defense  By : Wally Bock
    Jerry Pounds, writing on the Management-Issues web site recently put out an interesting piece called: "Litigation awaits for insensitive employers." Here's a key passage. "Judges and juries are linking musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular disease, psychological disorders, suicide, cancer, ulcers, impaired immune function and workplace injuries to a wide spectrum of emotional workplace stressors.
    article related to: supervision, good supervision, supervisory skills, management

  • 16). Project Management - Design and Development Projects  By : Michael Russell
    There’s no getting away from it, design and development projects are a nightmare to manage successfully, particularly the development of software. Nonetheless, in these days of customers requiring ever increasing functionality and ever more sophisticated technology, they are sometimes necessary. Your company almost certainly has procedures in place such as Make or Buy (do you design/build the item yourselves or do you sub-contract) and Design to Cost (you’ve estimated how much it will cost, now make sure that it doesn’t run over budget.
    article related to: project management

  • 18). How Leaders Create Trust  By : Steve Kaye
    People buy from you, offer help, and grant rewards based on trust. Here are ways to increase your success by creating trust. While we do most of these things, missing even one of them can ruin it all. > Be Dependable * Deliver what you promise and promise only what you can deliver. Report delays immediately. * Be on time. Leave early for appointments.
    article related to: leadership, communication, trust, winning trust, time management, respect

  • 19). 6 Ways to Maximize Learning  By : Steve Kaye
    Here's how to gain the most from training events. 1) Know what you want Before the workshop, set learning goals for yourself. What do you want to learn? How can this program help you? What would make you feel that your time was well spent? 2) Ask for what you want As the program unfolds, ask questions that guide the presentation toward the information that you need.
    article related to: training, trainer, conferences, speaking, personal success

  • 22). Five Steps for Handling Workplace Conflict  By : Regina Barr
    Copyright 2006 Red Ladder, Inc. You're at work. You've been assigned an exciting, highly visible project. You can't wait to get started. You arrive at your first team meeting ready to rock and roll. You take one look around and you immediately hone in on several scowling faces. Almost immediately, you are confronted and a conflict ensues. Your excitement quickly diminishes as you realize you have your work cut out for you.
    article related to: handling conflict, workplace

  • 25). Save Face, Time, and Money on Your Next IT Project  By : Leslie Whinery
    How many times have you been involved in a project where a newly-released piece of software required an immediate enhancement because the right people were not “in the loop”? This is an example of how poor communication costs money and damages the reputation of an Information Technology (IT) Team. Well-managed communication can increase the rates of success on your IT projects by improving relations between you and your customers and decreasing the odds of hasty last-minute enhancements, thus saving face, saving time, and saving money.
    article related to: communication specialist, communicator, freelance writer, communication plan

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