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Articles in: Home / Finance / Investing

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  • 3). FOREX Investing Compared to Other Investment Opportunities  By : Cindy Brooks
    With over $1.5 trillion changing hands daily, it might be advantageous for you to investigate the extremely lucrative business opportunity involving currency trading. Once the domain of major banks and corporations, this field is now an open playground for the ordinary individual. The following information gives you a comparison of different investment opportunities in comparison to Forex trading Forex could be the perfect opportunity for you if you are willing to have an open mind and investigate.
    article related to: forex, fx, trading, investing, home, techniques, method, mentor

  • 4). Different Kinds Of Investments  By : Juan José
    These days, you can’t retire without using the returns from investments. You can’t count on your social security checks to cover your expenses when you retire. It’s barely enough for people who are receiving it now to have food, shelter and utilities. That doesn’t account for any care you may need or in the even that you need to take advantage of such funds much earlier in life.
    article related to: investment, finance

  • 8). Gold: A Solid Investment  By : Samuel Martin
    Make no mistake, the currency crisis is coming. Rather than sitting back and letting it happen, protect yourself and profit from an economic upset that could basically render your dollars about as worthless as the paper they're printed on. We saw a preview of this kind of debacle quite recently. In early 2006 a currency plunge triggered an avalanche of sell orders in emerging markets from Brazil to Indonesia.
    article related to: gold: a solid investment

  • 11). How to Interpret and Profit from Financial Statements  By : Pleeds
    Financial statements are a useful tool for judging the health of a company, and for comparing it to its competitors. They show what the company owes and owns, the profits or loses it has made over a given period, and how their position has changed since their last statement. Generally if you can tell which direction a company is heading in, you can also forecast future stock prices with some accuracy.
    article related to: penny stock investing smallcap microcap

  • 14). Taking Control of your Finances.  By : Debra Lohrere
    To find money to invest for your future, you need to make sure that your outgoing expenses are less than the income that you are receiving. You need to develop an excess that you can have free to invest. Now before you start to think….”well I don’t have any excess left…if I was earning more money….then I would have some free”. Let me dispel this myth…and tell you that it is a known and excepted fact that the amount of money that people earn has little if any bearing on whether or not they have an excess left to invest.
    article related to: budget, budgeting, financial security, invest, investing

  • 17). High Yield Investing Is Like A Game Of Poker  By :
    We often get newbies emailing us asking whether or not investing in HYIP's is worth the time and the risk. This is a great question and the short answer is "it all depends". First of all, the main question you must ask yourself before investing in any HYIP is: "Do you plan on investing money that you will definitely need in the future?" In other words,.
    article related to: hyip, investing, autosurf, investment

  • 21). Day trader Versus Investor  By : Tony Reed
    The day trader's ultimate objective is to trade expensive and volatile stocks on the NASDAQ and NYSE markets in in increments of 1,000 shares or more, and profit from the small intra-day price movement. The day trader may make many trades in a single day, holding onto stocks for only a few minutes (or hours), and almost never overnight. Day traders are short-term price speculators.
    article related to: day trading, day trader, investor

  • 22). Best HYIP  By : Admin
    Everyone want to know best hyip. Everyone one search for best hyip. But what does best hyip mean? Does it mean huge daily profit? Maybe hyips which offer 2-3% daily we can call best hyips? Perhaps hyips with ssl certificate, DDos protection, dedicated server are best? Maybe hyip with automatically or instantly withdraw are the best? Well where is no one anser.
    article related to: hyip, best hyip, hyip monitor, investment, hyips

  • 25). The Magic Bullet Theory of Investing  By : Chris Cooper
    Sadly, too many people believe that the successful in our society got that way through luck. So their financial plan is based not on earning and investing money, but waiting for their fairy godmother to show up. Some “miracle” roads to riches: The Lottery What better way to get rich, but to play the lottery. Even though the odds are 200 million to one, somebody’s got to win – right? Why not you? The ancillary to this is gambling.
    article related to: money and investing, financial planning, taxes, get rich quick schemes, gambling

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