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  • 4). Adobe Photoshop Software: The Latest and Greatest Version 7  By : Andrew James
    There are a lot of different photo editing software suites out there, from the ultra-basic programs bundled with Microsoft Windows to professional-level software programs running hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Though there are a lot of options, Adobe Photoshop software has become the standard for many photographers, both amateur and professional, for good reason
    article related to: adobe, photoshop, software, publishing

  • 18). The Perfect Desktop Icon  By : Chris Kennelly
    People put as much effort into customizing their computer desktops as they do into decorating the tops of their desks. I have personally witnessed friends spending hours looking for the perfect desktop icon which refers to some show or other that they used to watch in their childhood in the 70s.
    article related to: desktop icon, desktop

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