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  • 2). How Internet Predators Select Their Victims  By : Michael Ryan
    The average pedophile will victimize between 50-150 children before he comes to the attention of law enforcement. A large and growing number of predators have gravitated towards the internet, reasoning that browsing the personal profiles children themselves post on instant message services and anonymously lurking in chat rooms is less risky and more effective than hanging around playgrounds and schoolyards.
    article related to: internet predator, pedophile, instant message, keylogger

  • 3). Wireless Home Security Systems  By : Joel Noah
    Adding wireless home security systems to your home or office can be quite easy as long as you know what you want and how to install them. With just a few simple facts in hand, you can quickly be on your way to finding what you want from the various wireless home security systems. Prior to choosing wireless home security systems, you must decide a few things.
    article related to: home, security, alarm, protection

  • 4). Operating Room Fires  By : Stacey Moore
    Operating Room fires are rare-they occur only in an extremely small percentage of all surgeries. However, the actual number of fire incidents in O.R.s may still surprise you. ECRI (formerly the Emergency Care Research Institute) estimates that 50 to 100 or more surgical fires occur each year in the United States alone. What can you do to stay safe during surgery? "Be educated" is the first step, according to experts.
    article related to: operating room fires

  • 6). High Tech Spy Equipment  By : Shawn Davis
    If you want to make the move from surveillance amateur to surveillance professional, you need high tech spy equipment. The best private investigators and bounty hunters use the best available spy equipment and bring in the results. Not only can good equipment help you improve your results, it also provides an impressive display of prowess and ability.
    article related to: spies, spy gear, surveillance products, spy gadgets

  • 7). How Does A Fire Alarm System Work?  By : Gray Rollins
    A fire alarm system alerts people in the building of a possible fire. They help protect those inside by notifying them that they need to evacuate for safety. Most fire alarm systems will also automatically notify the nearest emergency personnel so they can take care of the fire. Fire alarms can be triggered by smoke detectors, heat detectors, or manually.
    article related to: fire alarm

  • 15). Home Security How to Spot Suspicious Activity  By : Roger Overanout
    In part nine of this series on home security, I am going to giver you a list of things to watch out for to help in spotting possibly suspicious people, its surprising how regularly we miss rather obvious signs that should put us on our guard. 1. Somebody going from house to house, this is particularly suspicious if, once a few homes have been visited, one or more of the people go into a back or side yard.
    article related to: home security, burglary

  • 16). Whatís the big push for Emergency Supply Kits?  By : gorgimi
    The NOOA is saying that 2006 could be one of the worst hurricane seasons we have ever experienced. Worse than last year with 27 named storms, 15 hurricanes with 4 of those being a Category 5? Hurricanes Cindy, Dennis, Katrina, Ophelia, Rita & Wilma as well as Tropical Storms Arlene & Tammy touched the United States in 2005. The NOAA says (11/29/2005): With six months until the official start of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season, NOAA urges hurricane-prone residents to take proactive measures during this time.
    article related to: 72 hour, kits, emergency, preparedness, disaster, supplies, prepared, weather, life

  • 17). Home Security System Reviews  By : Tyson J Stevenson
    Home is the place where everyone wants his ultimate comfort and security- that is why there is a common proverb 'Home sweet home'. But unfortunately our home is not completely secured. We just have to adopt different security systems to protect our homes from intruders such as thieves, burglars, etc.
    article related to: security system, home security system

  • 19). Light The Way To Security  By : Trevor Russell
    Returning from work, errands or vacation to find your home burglarized would be devastating. You'd lose more than money; you'd lose your sense of security. This summer, protect your property and your well-being with the following tips: Lock It Up Like Fort Knox. Check that every window and door lock is tight and in working order. Enlist Nature's Most Beautiful Barbwire.
    article related to: light the way to security

  • 20). Home Security Tips  By : Robert Michael
    There are few things more important to people than the security and protection of their homes and families. When it comes to securing your family you donít always get a second chance. Lives can change forever in only a split second. Take the time now to take make sure your family is safe and secure in your home in the future. There are several simple low cost things you can do to make your home more secure from robbery and theft and give your family peace of mind.
    article related to: security, wireless, voip, cctv, cameras, camcoder, lights, robbery

  • 23). Let's look at locks.  By : Jeff King
    History From the beginning of humankind people have felt the urge to protect what they possess. They start by covering the entrance of their caves with stones; later they hid their gold and jewels in the ground. Then they discovered locks. These were first made of wood and rope. They served the purpose well, although they were not so nicely designed.
    article related to: locks, lock pins, lock tools, pick tools

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