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  • 4). IBM Computer Diagnostics: Error and Beep Codes  By : Stoney Mountain
    The following table includes some of the more common printed error codes that might be displayed when your vintage or non vintage IBM computer is performing the power-on self test (POST). - record error codes that are displayed. If you need to call for help it will be best to be able to provide the error codes. - if you get multiple error codes , always work to solve problems in the order in which the error codes are displayed.
    article related to: ibm, computers, vintage, error, code, beep, messages, leveno

  • 8). How To Properly Install A New Motherboard  By : Otis Cooper
    The motherboard is the most expensive computer component so be sure to treat and handle it with great care.There are a few things you should do to ensure no motherboard damage occur as you prepare for the installation. Be sure you have a clean,well lit,and level work place.Relax your mind and make this task both fun and educational.You will need such tools as a phillips screwdriver,maybe some needle nose pliers and the manual that came with the board.
    article related to: computer repair, computer upgrades, computer training, software

  • 13). Hard Disk Detection Problem With BIOS  By : ravi chamria
    During POST (Power On Self Test), the BIOS try to get information about all the devises Connected to the system. After checking the processor and RAM it checks for devise such you’re hard disk, CD-ROM, etc., and display them on screen with messages such As ‘detecting IDE drives…’ and Found Primary Master….’etc. Sometimes your BIOS Just refuses to recognize your hard disk, basically making it useless-there’s no way windows will recognize your hard disk if the BIOS doesn’t.
    article related to: hard disk, bios

  • 15). I-RAM, M-RAM , Good Bye to Hard Drives?  By : Hugo Galilea
    A couple of weeks ago, one of my lab associates made a comment about the advantages of the I-RAM and its speed with respect to the hard drive. What is an I-RAM? I asked. Simple. They are a bank of DDR memories that are used as a hard drive. They are powered through a PCI port and use a SATA connector that goes to the mother board. Bottom line, an I-RAM emulates a SATA hard drive.
    article related to: i-ram iram mram m-ram disk hard drive

  • 16). Epson Yesterday and Today  By : John Sollars
    Epson started as watch making company Seiko Epson Corporation, Japan. Epson was established in 1961 to manufacture precision parts for Seiko watches, back then it was called Shinsu Precision Manufacturing Company. Epson’s first foray into the printing and imaging business was the Olympics of 1964 held in Tokyo. The company was awarded a contract to develop a precision timer for the Games.
    article related to: ink, epson, seiko, imaging, printing, chemical, midtones, media types, gray balance, picture

  • 19). Why do we defrag the Hard Disk?  By : Stephen Orgill
    What is Defragging? Defragging is process done to a hard disk in order to improve performance and recover some lost disk space. Defragging is an essential part of a PC's upkeep as it keeps all the data on your hard disk in an easily readable order. If a hard disk is left without defragging, then over time the disk will begin to lose performance and also slowly reduce the available capacity to data.
    article related to: defrag, defragging, hard, disk, performance, computer, pc, software, files, fragmented

  • 22). How to replace your iPod Battery  By : Rick Tures
    iPods are a great invention, however many have complained about the lack of playtime and poor battery life. Previously, replacing an iPod battery was next to impossible. So when your battery dies, its time for a new iPod. This of course proved to be extremely expensive. As a result, manufacturers have begun producing aftermarket iPOD batteries for a DIY conscious producer.
    article related to: ipod battery, ipod, replacement ipod battery, battery, how to ipod

  • 24). Computer Consulting 101 PC Troubleshooting Advice  By : Joshua Feinberg
    While most small businesses really do need to find a good local computer consulting business to take care of their computer problems, there are some computer problems that are simple enough for even a technophobe to handle. At Computer Consulting 101, we've found there's one very simple piece of advice that often doesn't get communicated to non-technical small business end users: When in doubt, reboot first.
    article related to: computer consulting 101, pc troubleshooting

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