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  • 3). Desire, Fuel for success: How to Keep it Alive and Burning Strong  By : Jimmy Roos
    What is it that makes one man go where others don't dare tread? And that keeps him going even when the odds seem so insurmountable? When others around him expect the worst, and obstacle upon obstacle, cause him to wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, everybody might be right and he may be crazy? That my friend is what is called DESIRE! Desire is one of the strongest emotions, and one of the greatest forces man has ever known.
    article related to: desire, success, desire fuel for success

  • 6). Travel Phobia and Fear Of Driving  By : blueboy
    Travel phobia is a particular form of anxiety that may occur after a person has been involved in some kind of accident, maybe a road or rail crash. They may have escaped physically unscathed from the incident, however they might well have perceived it as a potential threat to their well being, physical health or indeed life. Anyone suffering from travel phobia is likely to avoid travelling as much as is possible.
    article related to: fears, phobias, anxiety, panic, driving, travel

  • 7). Focus On Your Goals Without Envying Others  By : John Watson
    Many of us waste too much time envying others instead of getting on with our own goals and dreams. This is stupid to put it mildly. For a start, we would probably not envy others if we knew what their lives were really like. Many young men envied and still envy Evis Presley but who wants to die sad, disillusioned and divorced at the age of 42? Billy Connolly, the great Scottish comedian who now lives in California, tells an amusing story about misguided envy: In World War I two men were squatting side by side over the only toilet available.
    article related to: goal setting, focus, envy, potential, ability, talent, achievements

  • 10). How Do I Manifest My Desires  By : Jimmy Roos
    AutoResponder: If you are asking the question how do I manifest, then read this. Learning to manifest your desires is similar to learning to swim. So how is swimming similar to manifesting? Both manifesting and swimming requires total trust, i.e. letting go. In the case of manifesting, you need to let go of your need to control the outcome and trust that you shall receive that which you seek.
    article related to: manifest, manifesting, how do i manifest

  • 14). How To Stop Living Your Life On Autopilot  By : GirlShrink
    If you find yourself doing the same routine day after day, never remembering what you did the day before, having nothing to look forward to, living your life - but never enjoying it or anything in are probably living your life and the relationships in it on autopilot. The really devastating part about living life on autopilot, especially when it comes to your relationships, is that you don't even know that you're doing it half the time.
    article related to: relationships, girlshrink, lisa angelettie, communication

  • 15). Motivate Yourself  By : Steve Gillman
    Why do you want to motivate yourself? Actually, just answering that question fully can be one of the better ways to get your daily motivation. Below are seven more ways that have been provem to work for others. Chances are, some of them will work for you too. Seven Ways To Motivate Yourself 1. Explain your plans. Usually, by the time I tell my wife about the newsletter I'm going to write, I'm out of my slump and back at the keyboard.
    article related to: motivate yourself, motivation, motivate

  • 19). Energy Boosters  By : Steve Gillman
    I needed to learn about energy boosters. Fatigue and a lack of energy have been problems for all my life. In an effort to find out why, I've asked doctors, read books, and finally decided that some questions just won't be answered in my lifetime. Fortunately, I've also learned that even without discovering the root causes of my tiredness, there are things I can do to alleviate it.
    article related to: energy boosters, energy, fatigue

  • 20). How To Have Stronger Willpower  By : Steve Gillman
    Have you ever wished you had stronger willpower? How can you make yourself stop doing things you don't want to do? There are ways, and the first thing to do is to redefine the concept of willpower. Self Awareness Instead Of Willpower It's hard to resist temptation sometimes, isn't it? That piece of cake calls to you. What's the simple answer to this? Don't stand in front of the cake! Don't go to the bar alone if you want a faithful marriage.
    article related to: willpower, self control, will power, self improvement, temptation

  • 24). Blast Through Barriers to your Goals  By : Kimberly Dawn Wells
    One of the reasons we do not face our goals is because when we are faced with an unexpected barrier that we're unsure how to deal with, we shut down. We become discouraged, we start making excuses, and we allow ourselves to back off of our original plan. While this is a human and natural tendency, it's not conducive to success. An important step that you can take to avoid this barrier blunder is that of carefully planning your goal to include backup plans for all those little "what ifs.
    article related to: goal setting, goal achievement, new years resolutions, goal, goals

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