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  • 1). Primary Ages of Adam and Seth  By : timeemits
    Primary Ages of Adam and Seth connects the Mayan calendar with the earliest Bible calendar and listed ages for Adam and Seth. Adam and Seth begin the list of Antediluvian Patriarchs in Genesis. Ancient calendars in the Holy Bible had lunar/solar calendar origins. The work at Time Emits develops tools from the three oldest known lunar/solar calendars: Jewish, Mayan and Egyptian. The “begat” family of Adam measured time with a lunar/solar calendar similar to the Mayan calendar
    article related to: timeemits, bible, jewish, mayan, genesis, lunar, solar, gregorian, b.c., tzolken, cycle

  • 2). The Importance Of Grandparents  By : Ken Charnly
    Most of us are fortunate enough to have grandparents close by at the time we are born. In fact when our mothers become pregnant to bear us, no doubt the must have turned to their parents, our grandparents, for advice and assistance. This is probably because our parents were young and needed someone to hold their hands; someone who had been there before.
    article related to: grandparents

  • 5). 800-Year Generation Cycles  By : timeemits
    The 800-year Generation Cycle describes the secondary age of Adam. The Mesoamerican Calendar doubles 400-years for 800-years. Enoch in the Holy Bible used a 364-day-calendar-year. Numerical matching modified the Mayan 104-year Venus Round for the Biblical primary 105-year age of Seth. Twenty multiples of 20-year Katun lunar/solar cycles amount to the Mayan 400-year Baktun cycle.
    article related to: 800, year, generation, cycle, enoch, mesoamerica, genesis, ancient

  • 6). The Great Genealogical Need  By : Leo Talbot
    For those of you that are experienced genealogists and have so far weathered the storms of years of research through dusty archives, old Bibles, sweet ancient relatives with unreliable memories, cold cemeteries, civil war records and all sorts of Vital Records, and who are now in the ‘nirvana’ of online research…this article is for you.
    article related to: genealogy, family history, ancestry

  • 8). Getting Your Own Genealogy  By : Jessica Deets
    Genealogy research can open up beautiful love stories, war heroes, family traditions, and rich histories from foreign lands. Maybe you’ll find you’re related to a famous person. Maybe your family has a rich historical or religious background. A written family history is a gift you can pass to your children and grandchildren.
    article related to: genealogy, family tree, family history

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