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  • 1). Global Positioning System (GPS) : A Complete Review  By : Tyson J Stevenson
    The system of knowing one's exact position on this earth is known as the 'Global Positioning System'. Precise positioning of any location can easily be done with the help of this System. If anyone has a Global Positioning System receiver and if the sky remains clear then no one is going to be lost on this Earth. The receiver is a pocket-sized gadget that makes us inform about our exact position on this earth at any moment.
    article related to: gps, gps tracking, global positioning system

  • 2). Tracking Your Children With GPS  By : Sintilia Miecevole
    From the moment children are born their parents naturally worry about them. Are they hungry? Are they warm enough? Are they sick? Soon parents face the surrounding dangers as toddlers start to crawl, walk and run. The hazards seem to be everywhere. As any parent knows, the concerns only become deeper seated as children get older. Safety is all a parent can think about - especially when their children are not with them.
    article related to: satellite, business

  • 3). Using GPS for Fishing!  By : Simon Wyryzowski
    Some things you can do with GPS on your fishing trip include: 1. Patterning 2. Recording casting areas, scouted regions, and shoals 3. Plot exact coordinates of that 'perfect fishing spot' and go back whenever you'd like 4. Add your own journal, notes, and even digital pictures memorable locales 5. Create your own custom routes as well as maps 6. Use the GPS as a planner prior to voyaging off on the trip 7.
    article related to: gps, global positioning systems, garmin, magellan, lowrance, fishing, vehicle tracking, gis

  • 5). GPS Tracking--the Smart Way to Protect Your Child  By : Shawn Davis
    Whether it is your vehicle or your child, there are GPS tracking devices that can help you keep track of or locate them anytime, anywhere. It is more dangerous today for your children than at any other time in history. So putting a small GPS tracking device on their person to keep track of them is not as silly as it might sound. Today’s GPS tracking devices no longer require a line of site to the sky in order to work.
    article related to: spies, spy gear, surveillance products, spy gadgets

  • 6). GPS Buyer’s Guide To The Best Systems  By : David Stone
    For drivers in North America who are tired of staring at maps and pulling into gas stations to get directions the new technology of GPS may be the answer. GPS or Global Positioning Systems are an inexpensive and reliable way of finding your exact position on the globe at any given time. For the driver this can mean never having to look a road map again.
    article related to: gps, global

  • 9). GPS: Applications And Uses  By : Gabriel Adams
    What are the uses for GPS? There are many, both for individuals, corporations, and the government. Military The military uses GPS technology to guide missiles, track and control forces and facilities, and more. GPS has allowed command and control of forces to greatly advance their effectiveness. Using GPS, units can report their exact location to command central, and easily find directions to other locations.
    article related to: gps

  • 10). Child Find with GPS Tracking  By : Shawn Davis
    In today’s modern and fast paced world, so many things have gone high tech; unfortunately, crime has, too. Not only do we have to worry about Internet stalkers going after our children, but it seems as though the number of children who disappear is also on the rise, especially when they are going to and from school. Fortunately, there is a GPS tracking system available that could help prevent child abduction, retrieve lost children and help searchers find missing children.
    article related to: spies, spy gear, surveillance products, spy gadgets

  • 12). Do You Know Where Your Teen Is? You Do With Spy Matrix GPS  By : Shawn Davis
    Spy Matrix GPS is the ultimate in car tracking technology. It is easy to use, easy to hide, and easy to follow. It is the perfect way for you to know where your car is now, and where you car was. Plus, this is a portable device, allowing you to transfer it to different cars at need. You can have peace of mind knowing where your car is it all times. And when you have teenagers, you can know where they have your car, thanks to the Spy Matrix GPS.
    article related to: spies, spy gear, surveillance products, spy gadgets

  • 16). I Second that Motion with GPS Tracking  By : Shawn Davis
    If you own a company that utilizes private vehicles, delivery trucks, even whole fleets, then you need to think about GPS tracking. One of the simplest reasons for using GPS tracking systems is that it is a sure fire way to keep track of travel records for tax purposes. But that is just the frosting on the cake. By using a GPS tracking system, you have a quick and easy way to keep tabs on the location of your company vehicles at any given time.
    article related to: security, home security, surveillance, surveillance products

  • 20). The Basics of GPS: It’s More Than Just An Electronic Device  By : Sandra Stammberger
    Whenever we hear the term “GPS”, what would instantly come to our minds is a digital device with maps and other features that tells us our exact location on this planet. But do you know that such a device is just one part of GPS? The device is called a GPS receiver, and while it is indeed an important GPS device, it is just a part of a very large and complex system that allows us to measure our exact location on earth.
    article related to: gps

  • 21). How Does GPS Work?  By : Joel Noah
    Global Positioning Systems rely on receivers that are now the size of a pin and satellites, 24 to be exact, that act as “man-made stars” that create a network of constellations to mathematically determine measurements as accurately as to the centimeter. There are five keys to how a GPS (Global Positioning System) works: Triangulating Measuring Distance Getting Perfect Timing Satellite Positions Error Correction The prefix tri- means three.
    article related to: gps, technology, tracking, navigation

  • 22). The Science Behind Portable GPS Systems And How You Can Use Them Too!  By : Edwardo Mascasas
    The GPS or Global Positioning System is a "constellation" of 24 well-spaced satellites that orbit the Earth and make it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location. The location accuracy is anywhere from 100 to 10 meters for most equipment. Accuracy can be pinpointed to within one (1) meter with special military-approved equipment.

  • 23). Bits Of Facts About Car GPS Revealed  By : Jack Morris
    Have you already been to somewhere without knowing where you really are? With the continuing rise of our technology today, that particular situation will not happen to you any longer. Thanks for the car GPS navigation systems, which have now become pocket-friendly; we can now travel from one place to another without being “lost”. In addition to requiring faster processors than the handheld ones, car GPS units also offer enhanced navigation services to users.

  • 25). GPS Tracking Goes Covert  By : Shawn Davis
    GPS tracking has become an important tool for both companies, who need to keep track of their fleets and company vehicles and especially for law enforcement as an instrument for tracking suspicious behavior and for use in the prosecution of criminals. Since the GPS tracking system can be set at longer intervals, you can easily extend the battery life of the unit by placing it at thirty or sixty seconds, while still maintaining enough accurate information of the starts and stops of the vehicle that you need for your investigation.
    article related to: spies, spy gear, surveillance products, spy gadgets

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