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  • 3). 12 Golden Ezine Publishing Tips  By : Ken Hill
    1. Post testimonials for your ezine on your site. You'll be able to increase your ezine's credibility by sharing how your ezine has benefited your readers. 2. Include a few testimonials for your business in each issue. In addition, to using testimonials for your ezine, use testimonials for your products within your ezine that share your customers' favorable feedback.
    article related to: ezine publishing tips, ezine promotion tips, ezine publishing

  • 7). Writing Newsletters – Tricks of the Trade  By : Glenn Murray
    Follow 10 simple rules of thumb, and you’ll soon be writing great newsletters and reaping the rewards. Company newsletters can be an amazingly successful marketing technique. Whether you want to up-sell or cross-sell, establish your brand or establish your authority, or simply reach a wider market, a newsletter can do the job for you. You just have to make sure you write it right.
    article related to: writing newsletters, newsletters

  • 8). How to promote your website through ezines.  By : Angel
    How to promote your website through ezines should be something to consider for all website owners. Why are ezines important for the promotion of websites you might be asking yourself? Ezines are an exceelent way to reach a hopefully large number of your target audience all in one place. If done properly promoting your website through ezines will drive traffic and potential customers thus creating great business for yourself.
    article related to: toronto, search, engine, optimization

  • 10). Three Strategies, How to Make Newsletter Interesting to Read  By : Erny Setyawati
    There are almost 500 newsletters have published on the net today and tend to grow more. Every business on line tends to publish newsletters to communicate with their prospects. Newsletter become effective marketing tool to promote, communicates to prospects on the net. Values of newsletter depend on content. The newsletters become popular and create loyal subscribers, because of the content.
    article related to: business, newsletter



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