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Articles in: Home / Technology / Electronics

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  • 4). Air Compressor Purchasing Guide  By : Clinton Maxwell
    An air compressor is a valuable piece of equipment for operating power tools. They are better in terms of efficiency and are easier on you. The type you need depends on the tools you will be using. Good choices include a Copeland compressor, Husky air compressors or Quincy compressors. Factors to Consider in an Air Compressor Consider how often you will use air compressors and how it will be used.
    article related to: air compressor, workshop, woodworking, home improvement, diy, saw, cut, building

  • 6). Saving Batteries with the BatteryMINDer  By : Angela Oliver
    For anyone who depends on batteries for business, hobbies, or livelihood, having a quality battery charger is as important as having a quality battery. Battery testers can now tell you what condition your battery is in and save a battery when it is dying. Certain battery testers for performance grade batteries can cause the battery to deteriorate long before its life should be up.
    article related to: batteryminder, battery tester, battery minder, sulphation

  • 9). Toshiba Qosmio G15-AV501 Notebook Computer  By : Matthew C. Keegan
    Purchasing a notebook computer can be a mind boggling experience with all the different makes and models out there. Toshiba has a strong entry in their Toshiba Qosmio G15-AV501 notebook computer. Let's examine why this particular model is certain to be an effective competitor. Unlike most laptops the Qosmio takes computing to the next level. You can watch your favorite TV programs, play DVDs, or listen to music by way of its Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 operating system.
    article related to: toshiba, laptop, notebook computer, dvd, cd-rw, ethernet, internet, wireless, hard drives

  • 10). Minolta F10BF Camera Review  By : LWN
    This medium-size 35mm camera has many features, including motorized film advance/rewind, lens cover with shutter lock, red eye reduction, built-in flash, and large view finder. We developed a roll of film from it, and found that it is capable of taking good-quality photographs. However, two drawbacks are that it is easy to accidentally rewind the film (the rewind is motorized), and it is more difficult to load the film than with manual cameras.
    article related to: photography

  • 11). Robotshop Creates Fun For Everyone  By : Jonathan Brunet
    RobotShop's growing clientele has certainly pushed them to be more creative with their work. Not only has RobotShop been able to provide good quality service to their customers ever since they've emerged in the robotics industry, they've also helped contribute in educating people about the usefulness of robots in our daily lives. First they came up with various personal and domestic robots that are geared towards helping people in their everyday chores.
    article related to: robot vacuum, roomba vacuum, irobot scooba, robot toys, robot kits, robot parts, irobot

  • 12). Rear Projection LCD TV  By : Linda Harrison
    The least expensive type of large TV is a rear-projection LCD TV. Some projection TVs have three cathode-ray picture tubes (CRTs), which are like smaller versions of the tubes used in conventional sets. The images from those small tubes are projected onto the back of a 40 inch to 60 inch plus screen, giving them the name rear projection TV. Other rear projection TV sets use LCD, digital light processing (DLP), or liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) technology in place of CRTs.
    article related to: lcd tv, lcd, television, lcd television, plasma vs. lcd, liquid crystal display television

  • 13). The Oreck Family History  By : J Schipper
    The Oreck company is known for making vacuums, but it also produces air cleaners and miscellaneous household products. The company makes several models of household vacuums, shop (wet/dry) vacuums, floor waxers and refinishers, and air purifiers. The Oreck Corporation was founded by David Oreck in the United States in 1963. The company is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and its principal manufacturing facilities are in a modern 375,000 square foot factory in Long Beach, Mississippi.
    article related to: oreck, air purifiers, steam cleaners

  • 16). Batteries - Charging ahead  By : Eric Comforth
    In these days of walk-and-talk and walk-and-work, battery chargers are as much a necessity to business as a microwave oven is to the kitchen. Cell phones, laptops, notebooks, and camcorders, just to mention a few. But how do they work? Here are some types of battery chargers explained: • Solar battery chargers: These little gems use the sun’s energy to recharge batteries.
    article related to: battery, batteries, laptops, battery charger, cell phone battery

  • 17). What is XBox360?  By : akp
    What is Xbox 360? Xbox 360 is the successor to Xbox video game console from Microsoft. It was referred to in the past as Xbox Next or Xbox 2 or simply Project Xenon. Microsoft has scheduled its launch just before Christmas of 2005, the biggest shopping season although it was unveiled on 12.05.2005 on MTV. Xbox 360 is an answer to Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Revolution game consoles.
    article related to: xbox, mochips

  • 21). Digital Projection in Your Home Theater  By : Mitchell Medford
    A projector is a device that integrates a light source, optics system, electronics and display(s) for the purpose of projecting an image from a computer or video device onto a wall or screen for large image viewing. There are hundreds of products available in the market and they are differentiated by their resolution, performance and features. These devices can be attached to a computer or video device just as you would connect a traditional monitor.
    article related to: projector, projection, digital, tv, television, home theater, rear projection

  • 25). The Advantages and Disadvantages of Tivo  By : Mitchell Medford
    The World’s first, best and easiest to use digital video recorder – that is TiVo in a nutshell. When it was first introduced, TiVo quickly gained popularity and became a smash hit in the world of home entertainment. Millions of American households are now enjoying the convenience and freedom that TiVo offers. In a huge way, TiVo has revolutionized digital video recording and made it more accessible to the public.
    article related to: tivo, dvr, digital video recorder, pros, cons

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