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  • 1). Importance of Reading  By : Tyler Benson
    What is the best way to spend free time? There can be so many different answers to this question. That depends on the preferences of a person. If you are lively and active, you may spend time outdoors or doing sports, if you are sociable, you may enjoy holding a party and communicating with various interesting celebrities. Some of us get so tired of the noise than wait till a nice evening to tackle in and read a nice book to relax or to learn something new or to get to the new world of wonders and travel in it, forgetting about the reality.
    article related to: literature essay, essay paper

  • 3). Your Intelligence – IQ, EQ Or SQ?  By : Max Wiseman
    How often have we heard others talk about how ‘intelligent’ they consider someone to be? Intelligence is a description of how good someone is at mentally doing something. Intelligence involves thought. Intelligence includes the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend ideas and language and to learn. Do you consider yourself to be intelligent? Schools and the education system would have us believe that we are only intelligent if we are able to solve complex abstract problems or remember facts and figures.
    article related to: iq, sq, eq, intelligence, success, spirit, spirtiual, emotion, emotional

  • 4). Ancient Roman Coliseum  By : Richard Monk
    Ancient Rome was the dominant power for hundreds of years and left a mark on the word. The ancient Roman Coliseum is the single structure that most exemplifies this fact. Ancient Roman Coliseum Perhaps the most well-known of all of the structures in Rome, the ancient Roman Coliseum is an important part of the history of the Roman Empire. This structure, built in the 70's AD, was once the most important site in all of Rome, and also the largest amphitheater built in the Empire.
    article related to: italy, rome, roman, coliseum, architecture, gladiators, middle ages, falvian, emperor, battles

  • 6). Organic Chemistry 101  By : John Mclain
    Organic chemistry is a branch and specific discipline of chemistry. Organic chemistry deals specifically with the properties, structure, and composition of organic compounds. Organic compounds, by definition, are compounds that contain carbon and hydrogen atoms. It is generally agreed that the science of organic chemistry began in 1828. It is then that Friedrich Woehler accidentally evaporated an aqueous solution and came up with the organic compound called urea.
    article related to: chemistry, science, education, learning, school, college, university

  • 8). Reading Strategies For Struggling Readers  By : Peter Waycik
    Struggling readers are simply individuals who have not learned effective reading strategies. Don't be too concerned if you aren't familiar with the term, "reading strategies;" most good readers never had to learn them; instead, they just use them naturally. Struggling readers, on the other hand, have no idea how their friends can finish their work before they make it through the first paragraph.
    article related to: education, reading, teaching, struggling readers, learning

  • 9). Goku & Friends: The Invasion of Dragon Ball Z  By : Dave Carter
    Dragon Ball Z is an anime show that has gone from cult following to smash sensation in the United States. What started out as a cult following among high school and college students has spread to enjoy a more mainstream popularity among these younger groups, while continuing to expand through other demographics. A Japanese creation, this show in many ways opened the door for others to follow.
    article related to: playing cards

  • 14). University of calicut  By : dasan
    The University of Calicut, came in to being on 23/07/1968, by ordinance No. 5/68 of the Govt. of Kerala, which was subsequently replaced by the Calicut University Act 1975. The goals of the University are to develop qualitatively the higher education and research in all spheres of human development with special reference to Technical and technological.
    article related to: calicut, university

  • 16). The Benefits Of Earning A Business Degree Online  By : Andy West
    Count the number of people in business today that do not use a computer to facilitate their business, and help it grow bigger. It’s hard to take an official tally, but most everyone in business must use a computer, at least some of the time, in order to succeed. Why is it that computers are such a big part of the business landscape today? Because they communicate in ways that a simple telephone cannot, and thus the more communication one can have, the better chance the business has to profit.
    article related to: business degree online

  • 17). Making The Most Of Earning An Online Bachelor Degree  By : Andy West
    Obtaining an online bachelor degree can be a hefty task for a number of reasons, but the rewards are far greater than what is required to get the degree. Most degree programs are created on a subject by subject basis, allowing students to take a wide variety of classes, and earn a degree that will prepare them for a certain field at the same time. It is a no nonsense approach to education that allows for both the student, and the institution to gain a valuable experience in the online bachelor degree program.
    article related to: online bachelor degree

  • 18). The Benefits Of An Online It Degree  By : Andy West
    Call it what you want, but it is virtually impossible not to look at an online IT degree as something that can have a major impact on your career. Just a few years ago there was a large energy company that employed hundreds of people, doing a mix of different tasks. Nobody in the company made as much as the IT professionals, unless they were managers of some kind.
    article related to: online it degree

  • 20). An Overview of Biomass Energy  By : Rick Solare
    As fuel prices skyrocket, personal financial situations and entire economies are threatened. Biomass energy has been offered up as a possible solution. An Overview of Biomass Energy Energy can be produced in a number of ways. We can burn fossil fuels, use the sun's light for solar energy, use water for hydroelectric generators or even the heat of the Earth's core in geothermal energy.
    article related to: biomass, fossil fuels, fuel, global warming, resoures, energy, power

  • 21). Forcible Rape Defense; False Accusations in Relationship and Date Rape Cases  By : William F. Nimmo
    Forcible rape and attempted forcible rape between people who know each other, either casually or well, make up a sizeable percentage of the false accusations in the criminal justice system. The cry of rape or abuse is a familiar cry when a relationship goes sour or when a woman has second thoughts after a night of sex or near intimacy. While there are certainly legitimate claims of rape and attempted rape in the world, from the defendant’s perspective there are good reasons to view each claim with skepticism.
    article related to: rape, law, defense, information, date, legal, court, lawyer

  • 23). Panj-aab: My brethren please listen to us.  By : Dinesh singh
    Where water (aab) is means name, language, land, arts and culture. There water makes merry go, that land is called Punjab. The land of five sisters 1. Beas (ancient name Vipasha) 2. Chenab(ancient name Askini,) 3. Jhelam (ancient name Vitasta) 4. Ravi (ancient name Irawati,) 5. satluj (ancient name Shatadru) All these five sisters take birth in high and hygiene Himalayas, and then play in open fields of Punjab, making this land of warriors full of joys.

  • 25). Using Water As a Power Source  By : SolarMan
    Water is used as a significant power source in many parts of the world. In fact, Norway uses it to produce 99 percent of its electricity. So, how does it work? Water constantly moves through a vast global cycle. First, it evaporates from water sources such as lakes and oceans, forming clouds. The water is returned to the Earth in the form of precipitation such as rain or snow.
    article related to: water, power, hydro, electric, electricity, dam, turbines, hoover dam, las vegas, energy

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