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Articles in: Home / Business / E-Commerce

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  • 2). The Pros and Cons of Online Commerce  By : Sezer Bozkurt
    As the Internet comes of age more and more people and buying goods online. This has becoming a growing trend that looks like it will continue to grow. But what are the pros and cons of buying goods online? There are several things to consider. Let’s start with the pros. As competition for online business keeps growing exponentially the prices of goods are being driven down.
    article related to: online purchase

  • 4). The e-Commerce Revolution  By : Michael Hehn
    The Growth of E-Commerce It's amazing all the changes in the way people do business in the short time since the beginning of the e-commerce revolution. The e-commerce revolution was predicted in the early stages of the internet. Those who predicted the sweeping business changes brought about by the world wide web knew what they were talking about. In the early days of the e-commerce revolution customers were reluctant to give their credit card information to somebody on the internet.
    article related to: e-commerce, b-biz, e-business, internet, home business, homebiz

  • 9). Merchant Accounts 101  By : Dwayne Garrett
    For all of the new webmasters out there that have recently established a business and are looking to accept credit card payments online, here’s a little Merchant Accounts 101 course for you! In understanding how merchant accounts work, you will be better able to operate your online business smoothly and effectively.
    article related to: merchant account, business, credit cards

  • 17). Protect Your Auction Business  By : V. Raposo
    One thing about eBay that a lot of people don't know is that you can have multiple user id's. Which means you can have more than 1 eBay account. Here is why I feel it's important to have more than one user id. When you're selling on eBay with a certain id, you can focus it to a specific niche. You can keep it to the same products you use on your website.
    article related to: protect your auction business

  • 22). Seven steps to eBay selling success  By : Ralliz
    More and more people try their luck at selling on eBay everyday. With all of that growing competition it is important that you do everything possible to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. By following a few simple steps you can greatly improve the odds of your auction being noticed, that browsers will convert to bidders, and that those bidders will become repeat customers.
    article related to: ebay, ebay powerseller, make money on ebay, home business

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