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  • 4). Interracial Dating-Does It Turn You On?  By : J Schipper
    Interracial dating and intermarriage has increased in the last century due to greater human mobility and multiculturalism. It should be remembered that personal preferences and the presence or absence of prejudice are irrelevant to people who are born and die in the same town or city, which was often the case before the invention of the automobile and the jet plane.
    article related to: dating, internet dating, adult friendfinder

  • 6). How To Decide What Color Of Rose To Give  By : Gregg Hall
    Flowers have been given a special significance for centuries. They have long been treasured for their scent and their beauty. Perhaps nobody has esteemed flowers, however, as highly as the people of the Victorian age. For them, flowers were so important they even used them to convey secret messages.
    article related to: flower bouquets, flowers, gifts

  • 7). Sadness Of Love  By : CD Mohatta
    Click any website that talks of sadness of love. You will get moist eyes after some time. The quotes of some people about the sadness they feel after losing love are very emotionally shattering. Why should love bring so much sadness? When a loved one leaves for some one else, why do most of us feel devastated? For many of us it is an earth shaking experience.
    article related to: love, quotes, time, sadness, emotional, god

  • 9). How to Get Over Being Shy  By : Graham Billingham
    Shyness is a problem that may lead to one missing out on all things that life offers. Shy people are less likely to date and focus more on themselves than conversing with other people. Chances are shy people are perceived as less friendly and boring because of his inability to speak in social undertakings. He also gives the impression of being inferior and less likely to succeed.
    article related to: dating, confidence, shy, shyness

  • 11). How To Approach College Women  By : CollegeDatingGuide Staff
    College life is very different when you were in high school however to some students, especially those who do not have a family member who has been to college, think that college is much like high school. But there are some very big differences. There are students who did not do well in high school, “blossom” in college. Others never get used to college life and do not do as well as they did in high school.
    article related to: college, dating, relationships, advice, tips

  • 23). Interracial Dating – Prejudice is Alive and Well!  By : Alex Kituli
    Any observer of the dating scene will know that there is a wide array of people seeking inter-racial or inter-cultural relationships. The area is of quite some controversy, with some viewing mixed relationships as an attack on their culture or race, and others regarding it as the ultimate melting pot ideal. However, my view is that often it is more complicated than that and racism can live well in the minds of people who are seeking mixed relationships, and there are particular stereotypes that people have in mind.
    article related to: interracial, dating, racism, prejudice, races, race, asian, women

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