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Articles in: Home / Food and Drink / Cooking

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  • 1). Grilling Tuna Steak For A Simple Gourmet Meal  By : James Smith
    Looking for a delicious and simple way to grill up that fresh tuna steak that you just caught or bought from the local seafood market? Grilled tuna steak is a delightful and exciting entree for any special meal. There are various methods to spice up and flavor your catch, but today we want to talk about a popular method using wasabi powder. This unique spice is being used by many top chefs to add a special flare and flavoring to the tuna.
    article related to: grilling, tuna, steak, simple, gourmet, meal, seafood

  • 2). How To Cook A Tender Juicy Steak  By : Diane Watkins
    You invest a lot of time and money into the steaks for a special occasion and when dinner time comes, they are tough. What happened? How can you cook steaks as tender as your favorite restaurant? The first step to cooking a good steak is to choose the right grade of steak. The top quality beef is graded USDA Prime and commands top prices. USDA Prime grade meats are sold to the restaurant industry and specialty markets and are not as likely to be found at your local grocery chain.
    article related to: steak, food, grilling, cooking, meat tenderizing, marinating, marinade

  • 3). Cleaning Trout - How To Clean a Trout Fish  By : Sources Inc
    Cleaning trout. Does that bring back memories! I think I was about 9 years old when I first learned how to clean trout. It is really pretty easy. A little practice and you will soon be cleaning trout with ease. If at all possible, use clean, running water to rinse the trout as you clean. Scaling the trout. For this step, you will need a fish-board with a clip to hold the tail or you can hold the tail with your hand.
    article related to: cleaning trout, clean a trout, trout cleaning

  • 5). Basic Cookware Explained  By : Larry A. Johnson
    What is All-Clad stainless steel cookware and why is it the best top-of-the-line bake ware you can buy? All-Clad cookware is made with a heavy aluminum inside which extends up the sides of the pan. It is coated with a stainless steel cooking surface and has an outside layer of magnetic stainless steel. This type of bake ware is ideal for cooking on a gas stove where the flames can burn up the sides of the pots and pans.
    article related to: cookware, bakeware, cooking, cook, recipe, recipes, cooking, baking, pots, pans

  • 9). Salts Explained  By : Paul Hegeman
    Cooking Salts Explained Salt, also known as Sodium Chloride or (NaCl) is a vital component of the healthy and balanced human diet. Over half of the human body contains fluids that contain salt. Our blood, tears and saliva all contain salt. In addition we daily lose salt in our perspiration and urine. Muscles need salt in order to function, nerves require salt to carry messages and the digestive system cannot function without salt.
    article related to: salt, sodium, blood pressure, sea salt, rock salt, kitchen salt

  • 11). Which Grill Should You Buy, Charcoal Or Gas?  By : Roy Green
    If you are considering purchasing a new grill, or barbecue, you will be faced with a multitude of options to choose between. However, there is one choice which you will need to make fairly quickly in your quest for the perfect grill for you. That decision is whether to buy a charcoal or gas grill. Both charcoal and gas grills have advantages over each other depending on what you are looking for and how you intend to use it.
    article related to: barbcue, barbecue, grills, outdoor grills

  • 13). Amazing Thai Recipe  By : Barney Garcia
    Bamboo Shoots: Bamboo shoots are called for in many Thai recipes. In order to prepare a bamboo shoot for cooking you need to peel them and boil the white inner stalks for 30 minutes in water. If you are using canned bamboo shoots you will only need to boil them for 10 minutes, or if they are going into curries or soups, boiling might not be required.
    article related to: thai recipes

  • 14). Parabolic Solar Oven  By : Rick Solare
    Mention solar power to someone and they immediately think of solar panels. A parabolic solar oven, however, has a much more practical use when it comes to feeding ourselves. Parabolic Solar Oven While searching for ways to reduce the use of nonrenewable resources, you might encounter solar power. Solar power, or solar energy, is the use of the sun's rays to either create energy (electricity), charge a battery, heat water or other fluids, passively heat homes through glass windows, or even cook foods.
    article related to: solar, cooking, cook, oven, renewable, alternative, power, energy, uv, parabolic, reflective

  • 15). Cookware - What’s New In Cookware?  By : John Francis
    As in most other industries, the cookware industry are constantly coming out with new lines and innovations. Some of the new lines are only available in gourmet or specialty shops and are sure to be expensive. Regalware has a new cast iron cookware with a twice-fired ceramic exterior. It’s available in Royale Blue or Brick Red. As opposed to older cast iron cookware, this new ceramic exterior will work on any cooking surface, including glass top stoves.
    article related to: cookware sets, cooking, saucepans

  • 16). How To Choose The Perfect Bread Maker  By : Jeremy Zongker
    Bread makers are extremely popular. The average person can make delicious, homemade bread quite easily with a bread maker. Even with the ease of a bread machine, you must still use caution when adding the ingredients, even if you use a mix. You can make a variety of shapes and sizes of loaf with a bread machine. Many people use a bread machine to simply mix the ingredients then bake the loaf in a traditional oven.
    article related to: bread, bread maker, kitchen gadgets, make bread, kitchen

  • 17). Ever Think About Getting A Barbeque Pit?  By : Mitch Johnson
    The barbeque pit has been around for ages. Some people claim that barbequing in the pit is better then cooking in the kitchen. Barbeque pits came out around 1920. But they only became popular in the 1950 when practically everyone owned one. Back in those days more people had family and friends gathering and big cook outs, but now it’s hard to find time for all of that.

  • 20). The Well-Stocked Kitchen Starts With Cutting-Edge Knives  By : Wayne Ryan
    Preparing meals that are a cut above the ordinary may be easier if you start with the right cutting tools. Well-designed cutting tools are engineered with style, safety and performance in mind. A smartly constructed knife is fashioned of forged high-carbon stainless steel and chromium for optimum rust and stain resistance. For example, Insignia2 cutlery has fully tapered blade edges that are engineered with Chicago Cutlery's signature Taper Grind™ Edge for extreme sharpness, performance, edge retention and resharpening ease.
    article related to: the well-stocked kitchen starts with cutting-edge knives

  • 21). Give Your Children The Power Of Purple At Snack Time  By : Stacey Moore
    Here's food for thought: Eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables provides a variety of plant nutrients, also known as phytonutrients, into our diet. Research suggests that phytonutrients have important health benefits. So children's snack time is a great time to add colorful variety to your family's diet. One color category of fruits and vegetables that isn't well represented in many diets is the purple/blue group, including deeply colored berries, deep purple grapes, and purple hued veggies.
    article related to: give your children the power of purple at snack time

  • 24). A Brief History of Pizza: The Dish that Conquered the World  By : annamaria
    Pizza, the way we know it today, is a derivation from focaccia (from the Latin word for fire), flat bread that has been prepared since antiquity in different forms and garnished with herbs, olives, fat, raisin, honey, and nuts. The word pizza in Italian identifies any type of flat bread or pie—fried or baked. Although you’d find many types of pitas or pizzas around the Mediterranean, it is in Naples that pizza in the form we know it today first emerged, after the tomato appeared on the table in the 1700s.
    article related to: pizza dough pita pizzaz italian food naples napoli

  • 25). Mongolian Hot Pot - More Uses For Your Fondue Pot  By : Anthony Tripodi
    As much as you love your fondue pot, you can’t dunk bread cubes into hot melted cheese every night. On those nights when you need a break from cheese fondue, why not use the fondue pot for something else. Mongolian Hot Pot is a great meal that can be cooked in an electric fondue pot. It is said that Mongolian Hot Pot was originated by the ancient Mongols who would cook their food in boiling water.
    article related to: mongolian hot pot, fondue

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