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  • 2). Is Communism Dead Yet?  By : David Snape
    There are a handful of countries that are still considered communist regimes. Yet communism doesn't really exist. These countries are more like dictatorships with authoritarian type leaders who operate under the very thin veil of non-existent communism. These groups or individual leaders that have near absolute power cause great harm to their country's populace on a continual basis.
    article related to: falun, gong, ccp, chinese, communist, party, yuan, li, atlanta, communism, usa, power, totalitarian

  • 6). A democracy? What have we wrought?  By : Scott W. Clark
    One of the great fallacies abroad is thinking that any regime today can lay claim to being democratic. None are. Though we say they are democratic and that they are democracies, they are actually republican government—representative democracies. This means that certain people are elected to serve the interests of the people at large. These representatives make the decisions for the people rather than the people making them.
    article related to: democracy, government, representative democracy, polls

  • 11). The New Politics  By : Sam Vaknin
    Politics, in all its forms, is bankrupt. The notion that we can safely and successfully hand over the management of our daily lives and the setting of priorities to a political class or elite is thoroughly discredited. Politicians cannot be trusted, regardless of the system in which they operate. No set of constraints, checks, and balances, is proved to work and mitigate their unconscionable acts and the pernicious effects these have on our welfare and longevity.

  • 12). Containing the United States  By : Sam Vaknin
    European intellectuals yearned for the mutually exclusive: an America contained and a regime-changed Iraq. The Chinese are more pragmatic - though, bound by what is left of their Marxism, they still ascribe American behavior to the irreconcilable contradictions inherent in capitalism. The United States is impelled by its economy and values to world dominion, claimed in March 2003 an analysis titled "American Empire Steps Up Fourth Expansion" in the communist party's mouthpiece People's Daily.

  • 14). " The Failure is Sundered Within"  By : Forest Browne
    The failure is sundered within each of us, it festers as blame to others, a manifestation of the shame that belongs not to ourselves but of the participants of a deadlier game. Yet innately the affectation begins with our own visceral manumission of guilt, and sadly, empirically lies buried in our own personal failings. We ponder all that which seems inherently wrong.
    article related to: politics, op-ed, philosophy, republican, democrat

  • 15). The Exclusionary Conscience  By : Sam Vaknin
    The self-identity of most nation-states is exclusionary and oppositional: to generate solidarity, a sense of shared community, and consensus, an ill-defined "we" is unfavorably contrasted with a fuzzy "they". While hate speech has been largely outlawed the world over, these often counterfactual dichotomies between "us" and "them" still reign supreme.

  • 19). Hemp and Marijuana - ELIMINATING THE CONFUSION - By: Kemp Lamunyon  By : The Rich Dude
    Hemp and Marijuana - ELIMINATING THE CONFUSION - By: Kemp Lamunyon, 2006-01-24 “Hemp/industrial hemp” and “marijuana” are two distinct varieties of the same plant species. “Hemp” is a fiber crop. “Marijuana” is a drug crop. However, these definitions have become confused in the last 60 years. Recently, a movement has begun to distinguish the terms again. It is important to understand the history of usage of these terms in order to eliminate the confusion.
    article related to: hemp, marijuana, thc, drugs, illegal drugs, the rich dude, laws

  • 23). Politics: The Corruption Curve  By : Virginia Bola, PsyD
    "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." (Lord Acton) We all like to think of ourselves as kind, honest, and benevolent. In our hearts, we are convinced that should we ever attain personal power, whether through building our own business, rising to the corporate executive office, becoming extraordinarily influential in our area of expertise, or in winning public office, we will continue to be honest and ethical, incorruptible to the end.
    article related to: social issues, psychology, politics, economics, thought

  • 24). The Madman and the Iraqi War  By : Sam Vaknin
    It is the war of the sated against the famished, the obese against the emaciated, the affluent against the impoverished, the democracies against tyranny, perhaps Christianity against Islam and definitely the West against the Orient. It is the ultimate metaphor, replete with "mass destruction", "collateral damage", and the "will of the international community".

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