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  • 1). Blog Farm Pro Review  By : Fabio Marcell
    Before we begin I will warn you that Blog Farm Pro is not for the feint of heart. You will need to be a fairly experienced web user to realise the full potential of this set of tools. In particular you will need to be familiar with the Web Host Manager/Cpanel software. Having said that, there are very useful screen capture videos detailing every major process so if you can learn, you can use BFP.
    article related to: blog, blogs, blog farm, blog farm pro, make money blogging, blog for profit

  • 2). Effective Blogging - How to Get Wealthy Blogging  By : Anton Linner
    "THERE are two kinds of knowledge. One is general, the other is specialized. General knowledge, no matter how great in quantity or variety it may be, is of but little use in the accumulation of money." Web Blogs are online diaries made up of short frequently updated posts. In addition, they are inexplicably popular. Steve Pavlina's Blog, dedicated to helping you make conscious decisions in your personal development and courageously follow through on them is a good example of a very popular Blog.
    article related to: blog, web blog, create blog, make money from blog

  • 3). 5 ways to increase traffic to your blog  By : Gasper Novak
    Blogs are a very popular ways of promoting your product or service. They are easy to install, easy to administer and easy to update. And search engines love them too. But what is a blog without traffic?Exactly. Here are five quick ways to boost traffic to your blog and start seeing those big sales. 1.Build a list of blog services to ping There are a lot of blog services you can ping.
    article related to: blog, traffic, increase, boost, seo, search, forums, ping

  • 4). The Importance Of Blog Design And Make It Your Own...  By : Edwardo Mascasas
    Blogs have increased popularity over this past months. Many people have started to create their personal blogs to express their thoughts and feelings. Internet companies have also started their blogs to inform consumers on the latest product news and reviews. Because of this, blogs are also being used as internet marketing media. Before, internet marketing is done by placing banners and links on popular websites, such as news and information sites.

  • 7). SEOBlogBuilder - A Review  By : SEOBlogBuilder
    SEOBlogBuilder: A Review If you operate one or many websites or blogs, SEOBlogBuilder can easily become an invaluable part of your efforts to achieve higher traffic results. SEOBlogBuilder is an automated blogging software that automatically creates content for the blogs on your sites that are search engine optimized. Since blogs and search engine.
    article related to: seoblogbuilder, blog building

  • 13). Blogs vs. Content-Sites  By : Iszuddin Ismail
    Now, I build content-sites, and in my free time, I still build more and more. To my definition, a content-site is more or less like what James Martell does. I would research for keywords, define my topics, list the content that I want to have in my site, and then start writing (or get somebody else to write for me). Done with that, then it’s about building the site, putting web pages together and getting a domain name and web hosting.
    article related to: blogging tips, blogging, make money blogging

  • 14). Handy-Dandy Guide To Automatically Reading Blogs  By : Ian Griffin
    I keep coming across people who are not familiar with RSS and how it can simplify your life if you’d like to keep current with a range of blogs. When you open a morning newspaper you read stories from around the world assembled by editors from hundreds of sources (wire services, reporters). The paper prints the same news for every reader - you choose which stories to read.
    article related to: blog, rss, newsfeeder

  • 17). Get Ranked With Your Blog!  By : Article Search
    If you are currently frustrated with getting your website indexed let alone ranked you may find this article extremely useful. What we are about to share with you, won’t cost you a cent and it will get your site indexed if not ranked, a lot quicker than simply submitting your site to the major directories alone. People use Blogs for all sorts of reasons, to include private thoughts, reminders, and advertising or simply to write something for the sake of writing.

  • 18). Blogs-Why Do People Blog?  By : CD Mohatta
    Blogs are becoming very popular. The rate at which the numbers are increasing is mind-boggling. Why is this happening? Why every body wants to create a blog? Who else will read that blog? If everyone is busy writing his/her blog why and when will they get time to search for other blogs and read them? Because of this over population and density, will blogging become another failure? Is it a fad, which will pass away? Let us examine? Why do people blog? Most of the people write blogs to express themselves.
    article related to: blog, blogging, internet, online journal, computers, writing blogs

  • 20). How To Spice Up A Boring Blog Life!  By : Rudolf Freidlander
    There is nothing worse than coming across a boring blog. The difficult thing is that what is boring to one person might be interesting to another. Therefore, you really need to focus on your readers when creating new text and posts for your blog. If you want the blog to be successful, you cannot simply expect your day to day activities to be enough information to keep the readers interested.

  • 22). The Future On SEO For Bloggers!  By : Eddie SanMarco
    You write a blog religiously every day or so. You provide informative, interesting content for your loyal readers. You’ve even got a couple of affiliate links in there, too. But is this enough to get great search engine results for your efforts? Probably not. Sure, you’ll get listed with the search engines easily. But without a top twenty listing at one of the majors (Google, Yahoo! or MSN), you won’t have traffic, literally, banging down your door.
    article related to: blogging

  • 23). 5 Mistakes And Can Make Your Blog Useless  By : Sarah Williams
    Too often bloggers complain that after a great start, a year later their blog is as dead as can be. This is a common problem that almost always revolves around a small list of common mistakes made by the blogger. A blogger can sit back and expect the blog to do all of the work for him or her, which is a terrible way to approach blogging. A successful blogger would tell you that great blogging takes a certain amount of dedication and hard effort to make it work.

  • 24). Blogging Going Forward  By : V Scanlon
    Blogging is your online diary of events, thoughts or for the business person a reserve of articles and comments directed toward your business. That definition is just the beginning of what blogging is becoming -- it's becoming much more. Since Google Adsense has allowed Google Ads to occupy a place on your blog -- additional revenue, is at your disposal.
    article related to: blogging, blogging for money, setting up your blog

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