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  • 5). The History of English Furniture  By : Mitch Johnson
    Let us get into the history of English furniture. The historical aspect of the wood, the different types of woods in use for making furniture and other things that you find today in the market. Some of the woods date back to sixtieth and seventieth. No matter what has happened to other woods with time, oak is still in great demands and use.
    article related to: antique, collective, collectable

  • 14). Secrets of Choosing the Perfect Acoustic Guitar  By : Mike Corrado
    Whether you are looking to buy new, or replace an old acoustic guitar, the first thing you should always bear in mind is that no other materials should be used to make an acoustic guitar apart from than dried wood. Most of us take wood for granted, but if the wood used to make an acoustic guitar is not completely dried before molding into guitar shape, then the sound will never come out right. The whole life of the acoustic guitar will be one of poor sound quality.

  • 21). The History of European Furniture  By : Mitch Johnson
    Different countries produce different types of woods. And produces different type of furniture each unique in their own styles. And the development of these different styles of wood products was also due to the encouragements from their rulers and influential people.
    article related to: antique, collectable, furniture

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