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Articles in: Home / Health / Alternative Medicine

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  • 2). Home Remedies For Wart Removal  By : Barney Garcia
    There are many different home remedies for wart removable and here are some of the more imaginative ones that I have been able to find. Good old apple cider vinegar, which is used for a host of remedies, is also a reputed use for wart removal.
    article related to: wart removal, warts

  • 5). Natural Home Remedies for Strep Throat  By : Groshan Fabiola
    There are many ways of helping the body in dealing with infections. Home remedies for strep throat are various and they include many aspects: diet, natural antiseptics, natural analgesics or natural antibacterial cures. Used appropriately, home remedies for strep throat can speed up the process of healing by fighting bacteria and by stimulating the immune system of the body.
    article related to: home remedy for strep throat, strep throat in adults

  • 13). Foot Massage  By : Caroline Colby
    Foot massage or foot reflexology has a Chinese origin. It dates back to more than 3,000 years ago and is used in the prevention and cure of many health ailments. Some in fact say, foot massage dates back to ancient Eygyptian times due to archaeological findings in cave drawings in Egypt. The principle of foot massage rests in the premise that the meridian network connects all tissues, organs and cells in our body.
    article related to: foot massage, massage therapy, massage

  • 15). How to relieve eczema, itchy skin using all natural remedies  By : natural
    Also called dermatitis, eczema is a noncontagious skin inflammation that produces itchy skin, red, rashlike areas. These occur on the face, scalp, wrists, and hands, as well as at the crease of the elbows, in back of the knees and sometimes elsewhere on the body. Eczema can spread or worsen if you scratch the affected areas. And persistent scratching or rubbing can bring on chronic eczema, chronic itchy skin, with its distinctive dark, thickened, scaly red patches.
    article related to: itchy skin, eczema, natural remedies

  • 18). Why Detox?  By : Willie Jones
    For most of my life I considered myself fairly healthy. I was not overweight, very slim infact. I usually ate two to three meals per day, not a lot of junky type foods, so I thought. I was about to learn the hard way that my life style and eating habits were not healthy at all. My diet was like most of North Americas diet, a lot of processed food, soda, drinks, not real juice but man made sugary drinks, fast food and lots of fat! I also smoked 2 packs a day of menthol cigarettes.

  • 20). Tooth Decay: Here is how to avoid tooth cavities naturally.  By : Foras Aje
    Not to sound vain, I often receive several compliments on my dentition and the apparent absence of any sign of tooth decay. Besides my mother's genes; other factors come into strong play: Proper Maintenance and Diet. Most People in the west pay very little attention to proper dental hygiene or use absurd chemical substances such as toothpaste containing the poisonous fluoride in a quest to avoid or perhaps repair tooth decay.
    article related to: tooth decay

  • 21). Serrapeptase : Natures Anti-Inflammatory  By : John Osborne
    The five healthy volunteers who recently took part in clinical drug trials and sufferred terrible side-effects as a result of the trial were being tested for the treatment of leukaemia and auto-immune and inflammatory diseases. However mother nature has already provided a naturally occurring, physiological agent with no inhibitory effects called Serrapeptase.
    article related to: serrapeptase, passiflora, curcumin, breathing oils

  • 23). How Lemon Juice Power Gives You Asthma Relief  By :
    If you just found out you have asthma or are a long time asthma sufferer, here's step one to start off on your natural remedy lifestyle to reducing and controlling your asthma. Use of lemon juice has been found to have tremendous benefits in the body and of course for stopping and controlling asthma attacks. So, step one is to use lemon juice every morning.
    article related to: asthma, asthma attacks, lemon, asthma relief

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