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1). Free Download PDF Ebooks ASP -ABAP.Oracle 9i- 330 Java tips & More
I have visited many free ebook websites At last i have found one and by gum what a site The site im referring to is from here you will find all PDF formatted ebooks you need to see And believe the ebooks that are available for FREE downloads on the subjects YOU WANT
Please visit website to download your Free ebooks You can download ebooks for ABAP Siemens Sap material , Oracle ebooks,ASP .

2). Creating Fresh Content for Search Engines
Fresh content is very important in terms of search engine optimization. Users surfing the net are always looking for the latest information. Search engines understand this and therefore places a great emphasis on the content freshness. Sites that are regularly updated also encourage the spiders to visit often. For example, a page that has its content updated daily will find that search engine crawls the page more often than the other less active pages.

3). Write for Humans, Design for Search Engines
Search engine is all about content and every SEO gurus have been trying very hard to optimize their pages just for the search engine and often forgetting that the end user is actually the human reader. It is of paramount importance that a page has to be written for humans and designed for search engines in terms of SEO.

There is nothing more important than creating unique content for a site.



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