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Clint Evans Profile and Articles

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1). About Home Improvement Contractors
There are thousands of home improvement contractors out there, each one specialising in different aspects of home improvement. Some are designers, plumbers, electricians, engineers, joiners and interior designers. They all have their specific fields in home improvement and no one can do without the other.

2). Tax Incentives for Residential Solar Projects
Federal and state governments now offer tax breaks to help defer the cost of residential solar projects. They, too, are looking into new ways to expand the use of solar energy for energy consumption and recognize people who are also working towards that end. Here is some information about those tax incentives if you are thinking about using residential solar power.

3). Home Improvement Help
Help can be found easily when it comes to home improvements. You can hire a local handy man to come and help you or you can pull in some favours from friends and family members, either way it is very easy for help to come and guide you through your project.

4). Adding a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom
Add a touch of affordable luxury to your bathroom, your bathroom as a personal oasis.

5). A New Look to an Old Bathroom
With paint, primer, sand paper, a few common hand tools and time you can give that old bathroom a new fresh look.

6). Real Time Lead Generation Made Easy
Real time lead generation using the internet is a topic that scares many people. "Oh, I'll just buy leads", you say or "It is too much trouble and time to learn to generate my own". What I say to that is, "Maybe with many methods yes but it does not have to be that way".

The new rage on the internet is using 'capture pages' or 'squeeze pages'. These are simple little one screen sites whose only purpose is to convince people to leave you their contact info.



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