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Manoj Dash,BHMS,DYT,Ph.D. Profile and Articles


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1). Memory Development In Teenagers
Human memory is one of the most complex functions. The brain allows one to store certain information and let one to retrieve later. There are mostly tow types of memory systems.

2). Controlling the Subconscious Mind
There are many other emotions like anger, jealousy, and hatred that come in ones mind. It is a big question about the origination of these thoughts. This is the work of the subconscious-mind.

3). Achieve Personal Development Through Self Help Books
There are many problems that exist around us during our life cycle. The meager problems like getting good results during our educational years, getting success in our profession life or even maintaining a good relationship with our friends, relatives and partners affect us adversely.

4). Make Your Mark : Etching
Etching glass is one of the most beautiful kinds of crafting a person can do. The results often are so high quality that people never believe you did it yourself.

5). How To Cultivate Imagination
Learning begins at birth and children learn things by playing. Creative play helps them in solving problems by imagining a particular thing. Children should be introduced and provided with learning opportunities early in their lives.

6). Affirmative Behavior For Personal Development
First off, meditation is an important factor in life; it is connected with energy healing method which is just right for individuals who live with lots of trauma from jobs or other areas of their lives.

7). Perseverance The Art Of Not Stopping : Even Though You Want To
Perseverance is hard to have sometimes. Things happen in everyday life that just make you want to crawl under a rock and hide. It becomes a challenge to stick our heads back out into the world where they may get bitten off in the process. This is what perseverance is all about.

8). Long Term And Short Term Memory
Short term memory is known as working, primary, active memory. It lasts for a very short period. Short term could be described as a capacity of a mind to hold the active memory. Only a small amount of information for a short period could be held in short term memory.

9). Talking to the Subconscious Mind
Intelligent affirmation (suggestion), thinking intelligently and strongly of the thing desired, soon becomes the predominant thought in the subconscious mind. This predominant thought becomes the pattern or blueprint which in time is materialized--inwardly and objectively--into the reality of the picture or blueprint of the predominating thought.

10). Myths About The Subconscious Mind
Consciousness is the fact of awareness of our thinking, feeling and doing. That is to say things that are done by a person, when the person knows that he is doing them.

11). The Physiological Effects of Chocolate & Storing Chocolate
Chocolate contains many substances some of them can be addictive like caffeine (in minute amounts).

Because chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity, it needs to be stored between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius or 59 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity level of less than 50%.

12). The Method Of Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is a method used by many people the world over for many different reasons. It is a way of using the mind to allow positive thoughts, dreams, ideas, goals and other notions to drift through your mind, allowing for a greater understanding and acceptance of these things.

13). Types of Chocolate & The Menier Chocolate Company
A dusting of cocoa powder with a soft creamy center
surrounded by a thin shell of chocolate would be a
good description of Chocolate truffles.

Posters by Firmin Bouisset showing a little girl
writing Chocolat Menier on a wall or window began
the use of advertising for Menier in 1893.

14). Inner Freedom is Real Freedom
Freedom is a multi-faceted term. It generally means "the choice to act" in a given situation. But this freedom is restricted when our acts are affected by self-ignorance.

15). Memory and How to Develop It
Developing the memory is nothing less than an art. There are many advantages of having a good memory. The very basic advantage of a good memory is to remember the answers during an exam.

16). Memory Development in Children
Many experts believed earlier, that children did not possess any memory skills till they were eight or nine months old, but many parents have been giving contradictory statements based on their experiences.

17). How To Develop A Persuasive Speech Topic?
A persuasive speech idea should consider stating facts, value, or policy in order to get your listeners change their views or to make modification on what they think and make them to act or to agree with your opinion and solutions.

18). Some Important Things To Consider In Career Planning
When we are to deal with career planning, you tend to think the craziest things ( sometimes, we think even those impossible to achieve) when you are young and not yet focused on life.

19). Developing a Persuasive Speech
Developing a persuasive speech is one that many individuals fear because it is really difficult to convince someone to agree on your point of view.

20). Accessing The Subconscious Mind
Accessing the subconscious mind is necessary as we all are programmed according to how we grew up, this may be determined by the types of families we grew up in, our religious experiences and related activities.

21). Power of Subconscious Mind
Subconscious mind is that part of mind which functions from the outside or outer realm of consciousness. This may also include all the information of the past that is contained in our memory.

22). Public Speaking Techniques - Grabbing Audience Attention
To grab the attention of your listeners during public speaking, public speaking techniques must always be employed.

23). Weird, Wild, Whacky eBay Auctions & What are Drop Shippers?
Drop shippers are businesses. They stock merchandise. They usually have large warehouses full of a variety of items.

Just like every other public gathering, eBay draws its share of the weird, wild and whacky individuals.

24). Training of the Subconscious Mind
The basic principle of the subconscious mind is that, whatever your mind can imagine it can create. Whatever you see, think or believe is sent to the subconscious mind and this then works with the universe to create real life situations which can lead to success or failure.

25). Spirituality and Subconscious Mind
Subconscious mind power is something like an anticipating smile towards a person when you meet him. It is like improving your odds of receiving what you were anticipating from that person. It also can be a way of unconsciously moving towards a problem to solve it.

26). The Use Of The Subconscious Mind
The subconscious mind is that part of us that is constantly at work, it regulates the digestion of our food, the gushing of blood around our veins but not enough of us say how does the subconscious mind work ?

27). Memory - Our Incredible Minds
Human brain is a physical organ but the mind, thoughts ad memories are subtle functions carried out in the brain, which cannot be physically identified or associated with any other physical organ.

28). Processing Secrets of Chocolate & Preparing Cacao the Maya Way
When the manufacturer receives the beans, they will
probably combine several types from different regions
and types of cacao, like coffee producers do.

According to studies the Maya had many ways to
prepare foods with cacao.

29). Public Speaking- an Audience Centered Approach
Mastering public speaking techniques takes time; however, it is something that is really worth for everyone.

30). Subconscious Mind Reprogramming
Reprogramming the subconscious mind is a very simple process, but involves considerable efforts and hard work. It has to be practiced on a regular basis to get the maximum out of the life.

31). How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness In Life
Have you ever asked what successful individuals all have in common ? They have learned to develop perseverance in order to achieve their goals in life. Persons who develop perseverance do not give up even in the presence of difficulties.

32). Success Factor Of The Law Of Attraction
creation of this law of attraction, it has been existent. There are many great people who have been practicing this law for a long time. Most of the people practice this universal law, including Oprah practices this law of attraction.

33). What Makes A Great Public Speaker
Being a public speaker is not just about the capacity To interact and face a huge number of people. It takes more than that- it is about building a character and that will determine how can you be an effective great public speaker.

34). How To Develop A Persuasive Speech?
Developing a persuasive speech is one that a lot of individuals fear because it is really hard to convince someone to agree on your point of view. In such a matter, you need to have effective persuasion skills.

35). The Secret Of Law Of Attraction & Your Subconscious Mind
With advances in neuro science and the understanding of human behavior we now understand how important it is to take control of our subconscious mind and use it as a tool to aid us in achieving our goals.

36). Benefits Of Giving Promotional Items
It is beneficial to know incisively what promotional items are; they are practically those sorts of business souvenirs or business materials which are given by firms for marketing as well as publicizing intentions. This is a very effective strategy and that every company should have this for business growth.

37). Searching on eBay & Sellers and Buyers
On the left side of the eBay home page there are 39 general categories listed. The list begins with Antiques and ends with Video Games and Everything Else.

All of eBay is made up of buyers and sellers. That is, after all, the sole purpose for the sites existence. Ebay has gone to great lengths to bring buyers and sellers together for a mutually beneficial experience.

38). Power Of The Subconscious Mind
One can understand the working and mechanism of the subconscious mind and use it to realize the infinite potential within. One can train oneself for creating power with the help of subconscious mind.

39). Memory Disorders
Some individuals have an awesome power of recovering information while others cannot process information as fast as they can and this can be because of some memory disorders.

40). Knowing About Greenhouse Gardening
Greenhouse gardening has been an avenue for you to be able to acquire fresh, quality fruits and vegetables. If you want to have one, it is necessary for you to have an enough knowledge needed for you to be able to cultivate plants in a greenhouse gardening.

41). The Incredible Power Of Subconscious Mind
To unleash your subconscious mind power means that you are letting yourself be controlled by the most valuable gift for human mind-- subconscious mind. This is because, to unleash your subconscious mind is to unfold your ability to achieve holistic development.

42). The Mouthfeel of Chocolate & The Cacao Tree
Wine tasting is one well known use of Mouthfeel; it evaluates the perception of the palate, from the first bite, through chewing and swallowing.

A cacao tree on the plantation will bear fruit for thirty to forty years before being replaced by seedlings.

43). All About Yoga and Its Benefits For Skiing
It is amazing to realize what yoga can do in skiing. Yes, people can do skiing all day long and much better if they only know even a little and basic of yoga exercises.

44). Teaching Children With Dyslexia
A child affected with dyslexia would have problems while copying notes from blackboard. A child would complain of not getting sufficient time to copy down all the notes from the blackboard.

45). Using Your Subconscious Mind
The Subconscious is the most wonderful thing in the human mind, and perhaps in all the world we know; for it is the omnipotent part of man.

46). Perseverance Can Be Mastered
If a person needs to transform himself from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person, it is imperative that he/she tries to develop perseverance, a trait or skill which can, by constant practice and steadfastness be mastered over a period of time.

47). Jumping Into Freelance Copywriting
With the advent of technology, copywriting already covers a wide range of media like television, radio, magazines, brochures, direct mail, and the like today. In fact, every word in every brochure, advert, website and leaflet you see is written by the copywriter.

48). How To Develop Perseverance?
Developing perseverance enables us to improve and enhance our capabilities. Being able to achieve goals, further leads to self growth and self improvement as a result of which an individual is transformed into a more competent being.

49). Techniques Used for Personal Development
Personality development plan starts with identifying the areas that should be improved upon. You can start off with a list of areas in your life that you find difficult. Then carefully arrange the areas so that you find the most needed area of improvement to have a quick start.

50). Establishing An Effective Termite Pest Control Program
Study shows that a billion dollar cost of home damages recorded per annum. Yes, with that figures, termites really have made terror and destruction to many home owners worldwide. Sometimes, you could not believe that these damages are brought by this tiny creatures-- but it is a reality.

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