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1). Choosing a Gift for a Coworker
It can be hard to choose a gift for a coworker. It needs to be professional yet have that personal touch that makes for a truly thoughtful gift. How do you choose the right gift?

2). I wrote an article Ė now what?

If youíve been doing much online business, youíve heard the advice to write articles to get traffic to your website. Maybe youíve even done that. Bu

3). How Often Should You Submit Articles?
Submitting articles is a great way to build your business, but it can be overdone. Spread your articles out a little for the best effects.

4). Beating The Stay At Home Mom Stereotypes
Everyone has a picture in their mind of what a stay at home mom should be. Sometimes itís fairly flattering - the perfect mother who is always there for her family, home cooks every meal and keeps a perfect house. Other times itís a picture of a woman lazing on the couch, watching soap operas, eating bon bons and spending her husbandís hard earned money.

5). What Is It About Private Label Articles?
If youíre receiving many internet marketing newsletters at all right now, youíre probably hearing about new private label articles at least every couple weeks. Theyíre the hot way to build sites quickly and look like an expert, earn AdSense income, etc.

But do they really work that well?

So much depends on the quality of the articles themselves. Iíve bought private label articles myself.

6). Does Forum Marketing Mix with Affiliate Marketing?
Marketing your affiliate products can sound like a great idea, and many people try it. Why do they fail so often?

7). Are Reusable Bottles Worth the Expense?
If you want to drink more water, a reusable water bottle may sound like a good idea. Are the worth the expense?

8). 5 Quick Ways to Keep Young Children Busy
Keeping the kids busy is often the only way to get anything done as a stay at home parent. These are 5 quick ideas that work with my children.

9). Gentle Care for Long Hair
Long hair requires good treatment to minimize daily damage and split ends.

10). Why Do People Choose to Live in San Diego?
San Diego is a beautiful and very popular place to live. What attracts people there?

11). A Gift Fit for a Gardener!
Choosing a gift that your favorite gardener might enjoy means taking a look at what they enjoy and would appreciate having.

12). 4 Reasons to Study Medical Transcription
Thinking about studying medical transcription so you can work at home? Here are some good reasons to do so.

13). Has Your Kitchen Sink Sunk?
A new kitchen sink refreshes the look of a kitchen.

14). Your Driving Habits and the Environment
Changing your driving habits can change how much of an impact you have on the environment. Some changes are more easily made than others, especially depending on where you live.

15). How Important is It to Avoid Silicones When You Have Long Hair?
Silicones are often discussed as being harmful to long hair. Is the problem serious?

16). Balancing Parenting Duties When One Parent Stays at Home
Keeping things fair for both parents and children is tough when one parent is with the kids far more than the other.

17). How Do You Get Your First Medical Transcription Job?
One of the big challenges for the new medical transcriptionist is landing that first job. They are out there, but they can be challenging to find.

18). Shop In Consignment Stores And Save Money
Saving money while getting good quality is hard. It gets worse when the time comes to buy furniture or other relatively expensive items.

Of course, you could always just head to the thrift stores. Run by various charities, thrift stores offer used furniture of varying quality. Iíve seen couches as low as $30, although most people probably wouldnít welcome that particular couch in their living room.

19). Keeping it Honest as a Paid Blogger
Paid blogging is becoming quite popular among many bloggers as a way to earn an income. So how do you keep it honest and keep your readers?

20). Retirement Planning for the Stay-At-Home Mom

When you first plan on staying home with your children, probably the first thing you do is take a look and see if you can afford it. You cut back

21). How to Write a Work at Home Resume
Finding a work at home job is not easy. The field is very competitive, and it can take months to land a job. You can improve your chances by having a

22). A season for giving
The holidays are upon us. It is the best time to teach your family about caring for others. In the midst of all the holiday madness, there are so many

23). Is It Safe to Dye Long Hair?
Dying long hair can be risky, but beautiful results can be had with quality ingredients.

24). The Best Gift for a Chocoholic
Chocolate is the obvious gift for a chocoholic. The challenge comes in buying the right kind to make a truly wonderful gift.

25). Health Risks for Medical Transcriptionists
Medical transcription is a great work at home job, but you do have to take care of yourself. Take some time to learn about having a good home office setup for transcribing.

26). Stop the Mom Wars

Youíve heard the arguments, and maybe even been involved in a few yourself. You know the type: ďStaying at home with your kids is better!Ē ďI can gi

27). How to Avoid Common Budget Mistakes Stay at Home Moms Make
Raising a family on a single income can be tough. Avoiding the basic budget mistakes can make your life a lot simpler.

28). Is Bundling Services a Good Idea?
The ads on television always make bundling your services seem like such a good deal. How much of a benefit will you really get from this? Can you do better?

29). Do your children know how to be safe?

Weíve all seen the terrible stories on the news of children being kidnapped or worse. You do your best to protect yours, of course, but is it enough

30). Affordable entertainment for your family

When youíre trying to save money, it can be hard to find fun things to do as a family. Fortunately, there are many options to keep within your budge

31). Facing Up to Lower Pay When You Work at Home
It can be hard looking at the low pay some work at home jobs offer. But it can be worth it.

32). Resume writing for the stay at home parent
Maybe your children are now in school and youíd like to go back to work. Or maybe finances are tight and you want to contribute. Or maybe you just re

33). Observations at the Grocery Store
Trying to be more environmentally friendly in your lifestyle can even impact how you see the grocery store.

34). Slow Cookers: Destroyers of Food or Delightful Convenience?
Using a slow cooker is convenient, but it can have an impact on the flavor of your food.

35). Beyond the Boredom for Stay at Home Moms
Being a stay at home mom can get boring. Plan to make your days more interesting and to keep up your own interests.

36). Why You Should Garden as a Family
Gardening as a family has benefits not only in terms of fitness, but in getting children to consider a wider range of food sometimes. It can also just be fun.

37). Are you making time for your marriage?
It's easy to lose track of the important things when you are raising a family. It's hard enough to pay enough attention to your marriage when you have

38). Finding Different Versions of Your Favorite Science Fiction Stories
Reading the short story version versus the novel version of science fiction stories can give you insight into the creation of the story.

39). What Stay at Home Jobs Can Be Done on the Internet?
The Internet has given stay at home moms many new opportunities. It can be challenging, however, to decide which to take advantage of.

40). Keeping The Kids Busy When Itís Miserably Hot
Summer is a great time for children. School is out for most of them and itís time to play. Running, climbing, building sand castles, swimming...

Sweating, sunburns, complaining.

It isnít necessarily all that easy to keep the kids busy all summer long, especially on particularly hot days, the days when the kids come into the house five minutes after.

41). Making The Most Of Article Marketing
If youíve been in online business long at all, you have probably heard a great deal about article marketing and how much it can do to build your business. It may sound like hype, but there are definitely benefits to be had from writing articles to drive traffic to your website.

There are two basic things you can do with articles. The first is to post them on your website as a way to give the search engines more reason to refer people to your website.

42). Sweet Memories
These days all you hear about is how to eat healthier, lose weight and get fit. Itís all for the good, but sometimes itís fun to go back to when you were a kid.

Remember all the games you used to play? Board games like Scrabble, Monopoly and Life. Tag, hide ní seek.

Running around, riding bikes, skating, rolling down grassy hills.

Ok, Iím getting a little idealized here.

43). How to choose a theme for your home parties business

Home parties are a vital part of many network marketing businesses, but sometimes itís hard to come up with a good theme to really get your customer

44). How Easy Is It To Get Started In Direct Sales?
One of the quickest ways to find a home business idea is to join a direct sales company. How easy is it?

45). 12 Ways to Raise Your Family on One Income
Raising a family on just one income is generally tough but possible. Cutting back where possible can make things work out.

46). Can You Become a Certified Medical Transcriptionist Right Out of School?
Many people looking into medical transcription as a career have illusions about what it means to be a Certified Medical Transcriptionist. When should you go for that certification?

47). Why Choose Satellite Television?
When it comes time to decide what kind of television service you want, you have a lot of choices. You could (gasp!) get it for free by installing an old fashioned antenna on your roof and hoping for the best. You could call your local cable company and see what they have to offer. Or you can order satellite television.

Each has its advantages, of course, as well as disadvantages

That plain old fashioned antenna in some areas serves quite adequately.

48). Hair Styling Tools
There are a few things you need when youíre styling your hair. Obviously you need a good hairbrush, but some other tools can make things easier too.

A rat tailed comb is very useful if you like hairstyles that involve separating small sections of hair. This can be useful when making some kinds of braids, for example.

Elastics are very important for holding your hair style in place.

49). Turning Your Kids Green
Kids can be very reluctant to live a more environmentally friendly life. However you can help them to develop the necessary skills and interests.

50). Is Solar Power Finally Going to Take Off?
Solar power has appeared to be on the verge of taking off for years. Is it finally going to happen soon?

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