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1). Male Ejaculation -The Chinese Sexual Secret of Internal Male Ejaculation
To properly understand this article and the reasons (and preparation) for the Chinese sexual secret of internal male ejaculation.

Ejaculation needs no discussion, except that the Taoists believed (and called it) it was a small death, and disbursed, rather than conserved, sexual and vital energy. Instead, they proposed a technique known as internal ejaculation, whereby the seminal fluid and actual sperm were returned to the body, re-absorbed as it were.

2). Suleiman the Magnificent's Sex Drive Was Legandary, His Secret Was
Although having only one official wife (which in itself was unusual for a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire), Suleiman had over 300 concubines and slaves in his harem. He ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1520 to 1566, and was said to have made love daily at least twice to five times until his death.

How did he do it? Is it myth?

Doubtful it was only myth as his sexual prowess was well known as well as his military might and his refinement of the Law.

3). Kama Sutra’s Hottest Sexual Positions
Many people believe the Kama Sutra (written about 350 A.D. in India’s Golden Age) is just a sex manual. Not so.

The Kama Sutra was written as a man’s guide to life, covering every stage. However, the sexual positions found in the Kama Sutra are there to instruct the man on the correct and most efficient way to approach his sexual life.

There are various positions explained, and fall into many categories of laying, sitting, rear entry, standing, and various exotic positions for the especially sexually active man.

4). Sex In The Boss's Office - Top 3 Sexual Positions For Here Or Anywhere!
No matter how you got in, the boss’s office is one of the sexiest places ever and having sex in the office is a very common fantasy.

Here we will look at the best positions and how if you are lucky enough to put your fantasy into practice how you can enjoy the moment to its fullest.

The three sexual positions work well here and of course in any similar environment.

5). Kama Sutra - 3 Best Positions For Sex and More!
In This article we are going to look at what the Kama Sutra is about and cover the three best positions for sexual enjoyment.

We will be doing articles on subsequent topics in the book, but for now it’s a general intro and those 3 best positions!

The Kama Sutra, is an ancient Hindu book which was and still is a guide to human behavior, including sexual behavior.

6). Prostate - How To Keep A Healthy Prostate
Most men over the age of 50 are liable, according to statistics, to get prostate cancer. For American men, about 300,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, and some 35,000 men die of this disease annually. The numbers are increasing as well.

This article is all about simple ways of keeping your prostrate healthy.

What is the problem?

The prostate is a chestnut-shaped gland and organ that sits right below the bladder and is wrapped around the urethra.

7). Increase Sexual Desire - For Women The Exercise Of The Deer
In part one of this article, we learned about the benefits to the man by employing a simple exercise and massage technique. This leads to increased sexual energy, health and well-being.

However, there is a woman’s version of the Exercise of the Deer that promises youthfulness, unlimited sexual energy, and a re-balance of the female hormones.

The female deer, the ancient Taoists observed, is youthful her whole life, sexually active, and always graceful.

8). Increase Sexual Desire For Men The Exercise of the Deer
In today’s world of western science with chemical solutions to everything, we are quickly forgetting that the human race has had tens of thousands of years of their own evolutionary progress using natural and effective methods.

You can easily take a pill now to stimulate an erection, but at what consequence? Have you really reinvigorated your sexual energy?


The unpleasant side effects of the pharmaceutical solutions now sold just gives you erections and often enervation afterwards.

9). Positions For Sex - The Top 3 in History!
Reading the Kama Sutra or the Perfumed Garden and learning the positions outlined in them will bring you numerous sexual positions to give you and your partner huge satisfaction in your sex life.

The 3 top best sex positions are culled from the two works above, and also the life of Casanova.

There seems to been, in our ancient past, an extensive knowledge.

10). Roman Sex – Hot Sex from the Frescos in Pompeii
Most people know the Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of the volcano Vesuvius.

Due to the magnitude and speed of the destruction of the city, and the almost perfect preservation of the buildings and frescos on the walls, we can get a very good and factual view of Roman Sex as revealed in Pompeii.

Pompeii was known for its wonderful food, beaches, and brothels.

11). A Healthy Penis – 6 Simple Tips Keep Your Libido Strong
There are many products that claim to increase libido and keep your penis healthy, however a healthy penis and strong libido are normally a reflection of overall lifestyle.

Many men look for miracle cures, when they should be looking at changes in lifestyle. These changes become even more critical as men pass the age of 40.

Lets look at 6 simple liefstyle.

12). Male Sexual Health - Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally With These Foods and Supplements
When you are tired and stressed it take its toll on your body and one of the first things to suffer is sexual health.

Here we will outline not only some natural supplements for male sexual health, but also the natural foods you can eat to make you feel healthier, happier and more sexual.

Your overall health affects sexual wellbeing!

When looking at male sexual health it is not just a question of taking a few supplements and sex drive recovers.

13). The Tao of Thrusting in Sexual Intercourse
In ancient China, sexual practices were investigated century after century. Finally the ancient Taoist Masters began to draw conclusions about all human actions; and their conformity to ideal (Tao - the basic, eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality and is the source of being, non-being, and change) as regards the process of creation.

14). Beyond the G-Spot- Secrets of the Female Human Body & The U Spot
There has much been written about the G-Spot (named after its discoverer, Grafenburg). It is an area within the woman’s vagina that, when stimulated, can bring intense pleasure.

Now due to the advances in non-invasive anatomical investigation with MRIs, CAT scanners, and other highly sensitive investigative instruments, the human form is revealing more of its secrets.

15). G Spot - Hit the G-Spot Every Time!
You will learn here how to find the G-spot with your partner, and once finding it, use of a special sexual position to stimulate it, and bring her quickly to climax after climax (once you learn the technique).

To find the G-spot, you need to know what it is, where it is located, and how to identify it.

What is the G Spot

The G-spot is named after the German doctor (a gynecologist) Ernst Graftenburg.

16). Tantric Sex - Tantra Exercises for Maximum Sexual Stamina
Tantric sex is now in the spotlight but what is it and how can it help your love life? Read on and find out,its not what many people think.

We have to make it clear we are writing about neo-Tantra, or the Tantra of the New Age. The classic Hindu and Buddhist Tantra would take years to master and in any event, without a living Master to lead your progress, you would quickly either lose interest, or go astray.

17). Craps Strategy - How To Win In Simple Steps
If you want to win at craps you need to have a craps strategy that focuses on placing the bets with the greatest odds of success.

This is relatively simple, the house edge against you is relatively small when you apply a correct craps strategy to win.

Another advantage of playing craps is the excitement and entertainment value it gives you.

Let’s now look at how you can apply a craps strategy to win and also have some great fun.

18). Sperm Taste – 10 Simple Tips For Better Tasting Semen
Sperm taste is affected by what you eat, as are all secretions from the body.

It is a fact that your sperms taste can be improved and making your semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes.

Diet has A major influence on sperm taste as it’s a secretion from the body like any other.

Just as your sweat can smell strongly after eating a heavily spiced meal your sperm will also reflect the spices in its taste.

19). Losing Your Virginity – A Girl's Guide To The First Time
If you are reading this, and fit the situation, then the subject is already a consideration on your mind.

You may have read something on the subject, spoken to a girlfriend who has passed through the experience recently, and heard about it in school. We hope to help you here, with a short guide. It is for you.

First of all, you must feel it is the correct thing to do.

20). Sex In Ancient Greece - Favorite Positions For Sex
No ancient society’s daily habits and sexual preferences have been more recorded than those of the ancient Greeks. The Greeks were sexually liberated, and would even seem open minded by today’s standards.

Here we look at an overview of their sexual preferences and the backdrop against which these were molded as well as their favorite positions.

When we speak about sexual practice in Ancient Greece, it would have to be from the male’s point of view.

21). Penis Size – Does Size Really Matter
Here you will learn all about misconceptions about penis size and how you can be perfectly happy with the size of penis you have.

There are many misconceptions about penis size and here we separate fact from fiction.

Currently penis size is big business there is more than $1 billion per year spent on vitamins, creams, pumps etc

No one knows penis size better than condom manufacturers.

22). Female Erogenous Zones – Secrets To Drive Her Wild With Your Tongue
One obvious erogenous zone comes to mind and we will cover that, but there are many others that are often neglected!

Your tongue is a wonderful tool to show your love and passion for your partner, here we will look at techniques that will drive your partner wild by targeting the right female erogenous zones in the right way.

The French Kiss

Let’s start with the French kiss.

23). The G-Spot – A Woman’s Trigger for Mind Blowing Orgasms
The G-spot? Do you know what it is? Where it is? This small article may change your sex life for the better and for good!

Read on and in a few moments you will know all you need to know about a woman’s G-spot and what do with it.

Ernst Graftenburg, a German gynecologist discovered the location of a highly sensitive area within the woman’s vagina. It is named the G-spot in his honor.

24). Foreplay – The Key to Ultimate Sexual Fulfillment
According to years of sexual surveys, it seems foreplay was something a man did to a woman prior to penetration.

This is a misconception, and mutual foreplay has proven to be the correct activity to any sexual encounter.

So why is foreplay so important? Let’s take a look.

Why foreplay is so important

There is no such thing as too much foreplay either, as it expands and enlarges the sexual experience.

25). Ingrown Pubic Hair – Get Rid Of It Now!
In today’s world of fitness and fashion, it’s becoming the mode (again) to have a clean and bald look at the pubic area. Why the word ‘again’?

The ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Indians preferred this look, and perfected ways to accomplish it.

They also knew how to deal with ingrown pubic hair, so let's look at some tried and trusted ways to take care of this problem.

26). Breast Enhancement – Simple Ways to Firm Your Breasts
Looking in the mirror, many a woman has seen the effects of age and gravity on her breasts. There are of course surgical solutions, and the risks and costs are very well known.

However, there are some real solutions, proven ones, to help firm up those sagging breasts, and the results, although are not instantly dramatic, are over a period of time, very effective.

27). Druids and Sex - What Can We Learn From Them?
If you think the druids can't teach you much about enhancing your sex life - Think again!

Although Druids are considered pagan by the Christian Church, many of their customs have been introduced into our society today.

The druids contribution to sex and free love is under estimated and this is what this article is all about.

The entire Christian calendar is full of Druidic holidays and this is an ideal place to start in our pursuit of druid sexuality.

28). Foreplay: Igniting A Man's Passion - Woman's Version
There is nothing that will excite a man more than a woman engaged in active foreplay.

As men are usually not as sensitive to signs and subtle messages (as are women), the foreplay a woman uses to excite her man will vary on the situation and man’s state of readiness for sex.

A woman also has to caution on not being too forward, as that also puts men off…although some men also love this activity as well.

29). Premature Ejaculation – Learn How To Cure It Now!
PE or premature ejaculation is a problem with a large segment of sexually active males.

Many men want cures for premature ejaculation and once you know why it occurs you can take steps to cure it.

Here we will look at the causes and some solutions to this frustrating condition

What is premature ejaculation?

The definition of PE differs greatly on who you consult.

30). The Brazilian Wax – All You Need to Know for a New Look!
The Brazilian wax is now more popular than ever with women and this article is about the history, how to have one done and what to expect from the treatment

Having a Brazilian wax is not difficult and most women who have it are delighted with the results as are their partners!

So how does it differ from a bikini wax?

Quite simply, with the Brazilian wax hair is removed from the front, back & everything in between.

31). Meditation a SimpleTechnique To Relax and Calm You
Meditation is easy to do and can give you an instant feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Here we are going to outline a simple meditation technique that can be practiced by all, with 5 – 20 minutes to spare each day.

This mediation technique is simple and very effective and only takek you a few minutes to learn and will help you relax away from the stresses of everyday life.

32). Male Libido – The Best 4 Natural Supplements To Increase Male Libido
Many natural supplements sold to boost male libido, simply don’t work and are sold without any medical substantiation whatsoever.

The good news however is, that some do, you just need to pick the right ones and here we are going to give you the best one of all, which has been medically proven to increase male libido.

Male Libido first things first

Male libido does not work in isolation from the rest of your body.

33). Sexual Massage – How To Enhance Any Relationship
In human relationships, one should not underestimate the important of touch and this article is all about using touch to show your partner how much you love and care for them.

Try it and you will find out how to convey your emotions and feelings in a totally different way that will enhance any relationship and is a fun and enjoyable form of foreplay.

34). Your Semen - A Diet For Better Sperm Taste
Your semen reflects what you eat...

All the body's secretions such as sweat, saliva, urine and your sperm smell and flavor are affected by what you eat.

What goes in comes out and is reflected in the flavor and smell. Ever notice how when you eat a curry with lots of garlic onions and spices how the smell comes out of your skin afterward?

It's also in your semen just as it's in your sweat.

35). Vagina Health Tips for a Sweet Smell & Optimum Health
All women need to be aware of their vagina’s health. Keeping it healthy means you will avoid infections and also have a pleasant odor and the tips enclosed will ensure that you have optimum vagina health.

A healthy vagina is home to a huge variety of minute organisms. Normally, they live harmoniously in an acidic environment that prevents the overproduction of any one species in the vagina and helps combat foreign bodies that can infect it.

36). Happiness – Simple Tips To Achieve It Easily!
Happiness is hard to define but most people are unaware of whether they are happy or not.

Many people believe that happiness is a form of luck and that some people are destined to be happy while others are destined never to be happy.

The good news is we can all be happy if we want to – This is important!

If you want to be happy you can be and it does not take much effort, just a change of attitude.

37). Detox Diets - The 24 Hour Detox Revitalization Diet.
Much has been written and said about diets and detox, but here we are going to present a simple 24 detox diet to cleanse your system, make you feel better and revitalise you with energy, its simple and very effective.

This 24 hour detox diet can be used after a period of over-indulgence, or when you awake feeling poorly and will revitalize you quickly.

38). Yoga - Breathing Correctly A Simple Exercise To Help You Feel Better Instantly!
Breathing is one of our basic non-voluntary bodily functions, and is our connection to life itself and we also have control over it, so if we learn to breathe correctly we can actually maximize our health and energy levels.

The correct breathing exercise can be done by anyone you don’t need to know anything about yoga and it is a quick an easy way to look and feel better instantly.

39). Make Money Fast – How Mr Average Can Make a Million
If you want to make money fast and become a millionaire and you’re an average investor, you either have to be lucky (don’t count on it) or know the golden rule of building wealth and find a way to put it to work for you.

Let’s find out what it is and how to apply it to make money fast.

The golden rule is use compound growth which lets your capital build at an ever quicker rate.

40). G Spot - Techniques To Find It and Please Your Partner
Women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, and of course the G-Spot, the latter can give her a massively satisfying orgasm if stimulated correctly.

Here we will look at how to find it and give your partner immense pleasure once you do!

Where is the G Spot?

The G-Spot is the area to target for maximum sexual arousal.

You will be able to help give added pleasure and a mind blowing climax to your partner if you can locate and stimulate it.

41). French Kissing - Basics Drive Your Partner Wild with Passion!
It’s a fact women particularly love to be kissed and the lips are one of the most important erogenous zones for both men and women and the power of a good kiss is neatly summed in the following quote.

“You may conquer with the sword, but you are conquered by a kiss” -Daniel Heinsius

The French kiss is romantic and a great start to foreplay as well.

42). Anti Aging - Nourish Your Skin From The Inside & Roll Back The Years!
If you want 2 tips to keep your skin young, help with anti aging roll back the years here they are:

The majority of skin damage is caused by the sun, so wear any moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher.

If you want to get a better skin tone and complexion you need to nourish your skin from the inside and this is one of the best anti aging tips you can utilize.

43). Foreplay: The Open Doorway to Sex - Men's Version
So you found a lady that fills your mind and heart with desire. You dream of your intimate relations with her, but how to begin? Foreplay is your open doorway to sex, but you must know how, when, and what to do in foreplay.

If you think foreplay is just some casual kissing, think again. You are way off the mark. Foreplay begins with conversation, and a woman is receptive far beyond what any man might believe.

44). The G Spot - Techniques and Positions To Hit It Every Time!
There is nothing you can do more for you lady than to be a considerate and proficient lover.

In today’s world however, getting the girl to love you is one thing, but getting her to enjoy your lovemaking and finish to orgasm on a regular basis will make you a hero.

So, what is the G-spot? Where is it?

The G-spot is an area inside the vagina which is packed with nerve endings and engorges with blood when the woman is sexually excited.

45). DHEA – Can DHEA Help Keep You Young?
DHEA as an anti aging supplement is seen as a powerful aid in the fight against aging and maintaining youth.

It is seen as protecting against many diseases, increasing sexual libido and giving users a feeling of well being and acting as an general all round anti aging supplement.

DHEA What Is It

DHEA is a hormone naturally produced in the human body.

46). Dong Quai - The Womens Herb For Wellbeing
Dong Quai is considered the ultimate, woman's herb. Women use it as a general blood tonic, but it is mainly held in high regard by women who take it regularly as a tonic for general all round well being.

Here we will look at the herb and its benefits.

The name Dong Quai covers several different strains of Angelica which include:

Angelica sinensis, Angelica polymorpha and Angelica acutiloba and others

Dong Quai & Ginseng

Dong Quai is also known as Tang Kuei, and is held in high regard in Chinese medicine almost as highly as panax ginseng.

47). Male Fertility - 11 Essential Supplements To Increase Male Fertility
Male Fertility rates have dropped dramatically over the last 100 years and one of the main factors has been changes in our diets.

Here we will look at diet and lifestyle changes that can be made to increase male fertility, as well as 11 natural supplements for male reproductive health.

Male infertility there is no single cause.

There is no single cause for the drop in male fertility rates.

48). Lady Chatterly's lover - Sexual Positions
Lady Chatterly is young, beautiful, and highly sexual and needs satisfaction.

The book “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” is about one Lady Chatterly and the unhappy state of her married life she is married to a wealthy mine owner Sir Clifford Chatterly.

War wounds he had received made him paralyzed and impotent and she begins to explore her sexual feelings else where.

49). Beat Roulette and Win by Getting the Best Odds!
If you want to beat roulette forget roulette systems and cheating they both don’t work, all you need is to play with the odds in your favor as much as possible.

How to beat roulette by getting the best odds, its easy and roulette is an ideal game for novice player, so enjoy the game, have some fun and make some money.

Let’s get started and find out how to beat roulette.

50). Relaxation Techniques: A Simple Exercise To Relieve Stress
We all know the signs of stress getting to us. The muscles become tense and even cramped. We are frowning and our continence changes (people can easily see you are stressed and anxious). Our tempers become short, and we feel very uncomfortable.

Here is a sure fire relaxation technique and re-energizing exercise as a stress first aid.

Stress management experts and yoga masters both have agreed that the following exercises are a reliable way to recover from acute stress overload.

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