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1). What You Should Do When You Smell Smoke
It may not be a threat, but not paying attention to detail could cause disaster.

2). Cleaning Smoke And Fire Extinguisher Residue
This is one task that you need to know not only how, but what to use for this task.

3). Water Damage And How Hot Water Heaters Can Cause It
These useful tools can make life so good, but they can cause nightmares also if you do not know what to look for.

4). The Effects Of Having Hard Water
It is almost comical that some try to get mineral in their water, when it is often better to remove or control the minerals in water.

5). The Most Common Roof Leaks That Cause Water Damage To Your Home
Yes, there are certain areas on your roof that are more prone to causing water damage related problems, and we point them out for you.

6). Protect Your Auction Business
One thing about eBay that a lot of people don't know is that you can have multiple user id's. Which means you can have more than 1 eBay account.

Here is why I feel it's important to have more than one user id. When you're selling on eBay with a certain id, you can focus it to a specific niche. You can keep it to the same products you use on your website.

7). Your Washing Machine Can Cause Massive Water Damage
This is one of the most used tools in the everyday life of most homes in the United States, but few are aware of the damage they can cause to your home.

8). Free Bubble Wrap & Popcorn
Where to find it, What to do with it

Bubble wrap is a great way to securely send your items to make sure they arrive at their destination intakt. But when you go into an office supply store it can be quite expensive.

Here in Canada, bags of packing popcorn can be around $8-10.00! So where can we all find this FREE bubble wrap??

I used to own retail stores and at the end of every night we would put out our garbage for the mall to pick it up.

9). All About Water Heaters without A Tank
Most refer to them as hot water heaters, but the new tankless systems are true to their name as a water heater and are very effecient.

10). Bloody Water-The Bay Area Red Triangle
This is a little know area that is prone to the great white shark attacks right here in America.

11). All About The Amazing Water Bra
Some swear by them, so what could they do for you?

12). What Happens When Fire Burns Humans
It is terrifying and painfull, but that is just the start of the woes.

13). What To Do When Pipes Bust And Flood Your Home
A pipe bursting can cause untold short term damage, but a virtual nightmare in the long term is not addressed properly.

14). A Lesson At The Flea Market
For those of you that don't know, I started my business 9 years ago at the flea market. I think back of all the fun that I had and when I started selling off odds and ends that I had around the house.

After being there for a while I noticed something quickly, that I could buy certain products from the "newbies" who were coming in and then throw it on my table for more $ and voila a valuable lesson.

15). Road Water And Hydroplaning Information And Tips
Learn how to prevent this dangerous situation and handle it if you find yourself in this situation.

16). Has Your Refrigerator Been Invaded By Mold
It may even be worse than that, you could have more devestating company that you do not want there.

17). The Shocking Truth About Bottled Water
While the debate goes on about the local water systems having bad water, there comes the news of bottled water companies selling local water system waters as purified water.

18). Tips To Keeping That Fire In The Fireplace
A fireplace can set the mood, give a warm glow to the home and keep you warm, but disaster lurks in the flames if not kept in check.

19). Will Water Damaged Farm Crops Affect U.S. During The Food Shortage
With the world already screaming and starving, will this years flooding make a big difference or is it just more hype?

20). Fire Alarms And Water Sprinklers Can Save Your Life And Property
Most just assume that a smoke alarm, heat sensors or a sprinkler system will save them from the fury of fire, but they are best when used together.

21). Mold May Be A Four Letter Word But Is Not Always Bad
One of the biggest helps to humans comes in the form of mold, learn how mold helps us.

22). Advice For When You Have To Borrow Cash
Takes these tips and info to heart when you run into a situation where borrowing some cash is a need.

23). Are Excessive Traits Controlling Your Life
Some call it a form of mental bondage, and it can drive the average person to become obsessed with habits that they normaly would not become trapped by.

24). Easy To Water House Plants Gives You A Green Thumb
This can make anyone confident when taking care of plants.

25). Building Homes To Resist Moisture And Mold In 4 Easy Steps
It is better to stop a potential problem before it has a chance to wreck havoc on your life.

26). Common Well Water Problems And How To Handle Them
Proper management of this resource is important if you want to have the best quality for your family and home.

27). 7 Steps To Eliminate The Triple Whammy Of Smoke Damage
Smoke is just one of the problems when you home has been in a fire that could affect you for years.

28). When A Customer Only Sends Half Of Their Payment
When a customer only sends you half of their payment do I mean they're sending you half of the total payment? No, I mean something different. Half of a payment is the full payment itself, and the other half is the Item Number of the auction.

When you're selling on eBay the Item Number is just as important as the actual payment itself, sometimes even more.

29). Do You Have An Ebay Store?
In this article we look at the benefits of having an eBay Store. Selling on eBay does not require you to have an eBay Store, but it sure does make things a lot easier.

There are 3 store subscriptions you can sign up for with eBay Basic (15.95/month), Featured (49.95/month), & Anchor (499.95/month).

Now most people starting out will of course go for the Basic store and not the Anchor.

30). Unlimited Products
Did you ever think about becoming a Trading Assistant? Where you basically sell other people's products and receive a comission? Alot of companies know about eBay but don't have the time to learn. Or are just "old school" and don't care to learn.

So why not offer your services to them? You already know eBay. And now this lines you up for unlimited products to sell.

31). Make Mold In Your Home Die Of Thirst From Lack Of Water
Ever heard to feed a fever and starve a cold? Well, you can keep mold invasions away by keeping it thirsty by following these simple tricks.

32). Do You Need Financial Aid For Education?
If you need financial aid to help fund your education, there are a lot of ways that you can get it. Let us help you by giving a few tips.

33). Thinking About Opening Your Own Business?
If you are, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you make the commitment to self-employment.

34). Advanced Tips To Applying And Repaying A Payday Loan
Here are a few insider tips to making sure you get the cash you need and ways to make sure it is paid off so you stay in good standing with the cash advance store.

35). Americas Love-Hate Relationship With Payday Loans
Some want to stop them altogether, but many have used them effectively for what they were designed for with great care and success.

36). Top 5 All Time Villains On Video Games
See if you have the same, or even a few of the best villains from video games that we judge as the best of the best.

37). Stop Bathroom Mold Growth With These Easy Steps
Prevention is always the best policy, and preventing mold in this highly frequented room is very important.

38). Should You Get A Title Loan Or A Cash Advance
There are 2 common cash advance systems you can use. Title loans and cash advance (sometimes called payday loans). Which one should you opt for?

39). Are Land Fills Destroying Ground Water
There are studies that blame everyone for everything, but are land fills doing the most damage to our water supply?

40). Collecting And Using Water When It Rains
There are many ways to use rain water to your advantage, here are a few tips for doing this.

41). Disposing Of Contaminated Water
Water that has been subject ot chemicals and other damgerous contaminates need to be handled with care.

42). Why Do Arsonist Set Fires
Lives are lost and millions of dollars wasted due to these killers.

43). Tips For A Fire Hot Sex Life
Tips that can help you take your partners and your breath away in total bliss.

44). How to Take Great Pictures Of Fireworks
Capturing the beauty and making time stand still is easy if you understand a few simple concepts of photography.

45). You Can Overcome Your Fear Of Water And Actually Enjoy It
There is no reason for anyone to have to be subject to a fear of water when there are simple solutions that can bring calm and fun into this recreational element.

46). Your Auction Business & Taxes
Taxes is an issue when running an Auction Business. But is there a grey line when it comes to declaring it?

It's really within reason if you're going to do a huge amount of it, a small amount is negligible.

Some people want to have a small business for write-offs, you might want to consider taking it to the next level and be able to write off some of your expenses like your computer, office space, supplies, etc.

47). Fire Ovens Make The Best Pizza
Some may argue this, but there is no comparison to the fire oven with this popular pie.

48). What You Should Do If Your Home Catches Fire
Once the fire starts, there is no time to sit and make a plan, better know what to do before the disaster happens.

49). Do You Know The Benefits Of Internet Banking?
Traditional banking may be here to stay, but internet banking is making a huge footprint on the financial world today. There are a lot of benefits to it, but how many do you know?

50). How Buying Nonessentials Can Empty Your Wallet
But, you already knew that.. right? Need some ways to cut down that grocery bill and cut down on utilities, too? Here they are!

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