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1). Relocating to Pattaya, Thailand - making it happen

Relocating to Pattaya making it happen!Every year, thousands of folks of all ages, from all over the world, pack their bags and set off for

2). The Good & The Bad Of Office Romance
Professionals often spend significantly more time at the office than at home. So much so that there is always a generous amount of single men and single women who don't have the time to meet new people. So the logical choice for them to meet other single men and women is naturally, the office.

When single people spend at least 40 hours, in some professions 50 hours and more, with like minded people of similar backgrounds and interests, relationships are a tempting side effect.

3). Dating A Professional Single
At one time or another and maybe in some people's cases all the time we've dreamed about dating a rich guy or gal. You know the successful lawyer or doctor or the on the edge entrepreneur. It's that perfect scene we play in our head that allows us to see things just the way we want them to be but in reality dating a professional single may not be quite so picture perfect.

4). The Greyhound
A greyhound is classified as a sighthound, whose ancestry dates back many centuries BC. In 1906, America began oval track racing with an artificial lu



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