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1). What is a Bank Wire Transfer?
Wire transfers are more common than you may think. The name "wire transfer" can be misleading in this day and age

2). Store Cards: A Brief Guide
Store cards are like credit cards, in that you are given a credit limit that you can spend on the card

3). Joint Bank Accounts And The Problem Of Divorce
Perhaps the hardest type of joint monetary asset to control is a safe deposit box

4). How Can I Change My Credit Limit?
Many people ask this question and for different reasons. Some of the reasons for wanting a higher credit limit are good and sensible reasons

5). Choosing Your Loan Repayment Period
One of the crucial factors to consider when getting a loan is the length of the repayment period that you will apply for

6). What is a Joint Account?
A joint account is a good option for those individuals who want or need more than one person authorized to use a bank account

7). Virtual Credit Cards: A Guide
If you are someone who enjoys shopping online but are concerned about the safety of your credit card details

8). The Benefits Of Tornado Insurance
Homeowners and business owners often wonder what types of insurance coverage they have as it pertains to certain weather events. One particular weather event that often causes confusion with homeowners is tornado events

9). How To Solve Banking Disputes
Solving a dispute with your bank is easier than you think

10). Disney World for Honeymooners
A discussion of the romantic activities available for couples at Disney World.

11). Tips For Safe And Secure Banking
The key to safe and secure banking is to reduce the risk of your account details being exposed

12). Ins And Outs Of Credit Card Pre-Approval
Although many of these offers are not what they first appear to be, they are not technically illegal

13). Can I Refinance My Debt?
You might be surprised at how many people consider refinancing their debt. For many people, this is a good idea

14). Taking Out Loans For Travel
Getting a travel loan is slightly different to getting a regular unsecured loan

15). The Benefits Of Bi-Weekly Loans
Although it is a great way to save money, there are other ways to use the money

16). Working Out The Total Cost Of A Loan
When you are looking for a loan, you need to compare loans by working out the total cost of repaying the loan

17). Using A Loan To Pay For Medical Treatment
Of course, there are alternatives to medical loans

18). What Is the Prime Rate?
Many people have heard of the prime rate but may not be exactly sure what it is or how it can affect their lives

19). Joint Loan Application Tips
Although most married couples are eligible to apply for a joint loan, they are not right for everyone

20). Bigger Not Always Better: Large Banks Vs Small Banks
With the ever-present threat of identity theft mounting each year, credit card companies are in a battle to provide the most up-to-date security features for their cards

21). What is Pre-Qualify and is It Good for Me?
One of the first things you need to do when you are considering buying a home is to determine how much home you can afford

22). Using Commercial Cards In Your Business
Although credit cards are often associated with individuals, using credit cards within business is also a viable option

23). Time To Start Using Those 0% Credit Cards
Probably the most common form of zero per cent for a credit purchase is on balance transfers. So if you find yourself paying a lot of interest on existing credit card balances, then you could look into transferring this balance onto a new credit card that

24). Choosing The Right Bank Account For Your Needs
Now that you know what sort of account you want, you need to find the right institution to suit your needs

25). Avoiding Loan Delinquency
If your delinquency is threatening to end up with you in default, then seek help from your lender or a financial advisor

26). Are Personal Loans a Good Idea for Me?
Personal loans have exploded in popularity over the last number of years. With UK consumers in more debt now than they ever have been in the past, personal loans are becoming even more popular as more and more people use the to consolidate their existing

27). Easy Steps To Gaining A Personal Loan
Deciding on how much and over which length of time, which we want the loan should really depend on how much you can afford. The thing with this though, is that the lenders try to dictate to you, how much of a loan to take

28). How To Get An Interest Free Credit Card
One method that the credit card companies have been very keen to use to attract The first thing to remember in any case is that there are two main types of 0% interest that you will be offered and these are very different deals.

29). Will my Home be at Risk if I take out a Secured Loan?
In general, people take out secured loans all the time and in the vast majority of these cases, there will be no significant danger to their homes. In fact, in most of these cases, the taking out of a secured loan will in fact be a wise financial move tha

30). Common Online Banking Features
Online banking is a fairly established practice in our internet-saturated world. Many people are making use of the unique and convenient options that online banking services provide

31). Extra Options for your Credit Card
One thing that many people opt for is a fee-paying credit card. This fee will be payable either annually or monthly, and you will have to pay it no matter how much or how little you use the card. Paying the fee will entitle you to certain benefits.

32). Common Credit Card Fees
In the world of credit card usage, many cardholders can flounder in the bewildering mass of credit card fees that are tacked on to the monthly payment balance. Therefore, it may be appropriate to list the most common credit card fees that are accessed and explain what each one means for, you, the cardholder

33). Treat Yourself With A Rewards Credit Card
The credit card companies are looking for ways to make us spend more money with our credit cards and as the more we spend the more profit that the credit card companies will get. Interest rates are getting higher and do not forget the retailers as they ch

34). Which Loan To Use?
Interest rates on a personal loan are usually at a fixed rate for the lifetime of the loan, this is great, as you know your repayment every month. In the past most people went to their bank for loans, but know the competition is really heating up.

35). Guide To Proper ATM Use
Using an ATM is something that most people do on a regular basis, and most of the time they are perfectly safe

36). Liability Only Vs Full Coverage: Choosing Auto Insurance Coverage
For a first-time car owner, one of the difficult things to sort sometimes is the kind of auto insurance coverage you want. There are plenty of companies out there offering competitive rates and a host of different coverage packages.

37). Find A Free Credit Card Its Not Difficult
Before we start talking about free credit cards, it is necessary to define somewhat what is meant be free in this context. While there are some credit cards out there that will charge you a monthly or annual subscription fee to become one of their custome

38). The Disadvantages of Student Credit Cards
There are disadvantages to having a credit card as a student however. The main disadvantage is that it is very easy to get into credit card debt very quickly.

39). Be Smart and Repay Your Credit Cards Quickly
There are few things in life that can cause as much long term strain and pressure as financial worries. Especially if you have children or a family to support, you will be very aware that failing to keep on top of finances is not an option.

40). Check Out Payment Protection Insurance
Payment protection insurance is an optional insurance cover that you can pay for. The cost will be added to your monthly credit card bill and will typically be assessed on the basis of your outstanding credit card balance. So, for example, the cost of th

41). What is an FHA Mortgage Loan?
All of these FHA mortgage loan programs can help new or existing home owners to get good deals with lenders

42). Advantages and Disadvantages of Adjustable Rate Mortgages
When consumers begin shopping for a home loan they are often presented with the option of using an adjustable rate mortgage

43). Earn Rewards Every Time You Use Your Credit Card
One method that the credit card companies have been very keen to use to attract customers is by offering reward schemes and incentives. These schemes are generally targeted at the higher end of the market and wealthier customers and they will be of more i

44). The Best Loan Alternatives
Although it is true that loans are often a good option for borrowing money, they are also inflexible, and if you are someone who wants to pay back your loan early then there can be heavy penalties. However, there are some alternatives to loans if you want

45). How To Avoid Overdraft And Late Fees
If you know that there is a chance a payment will be made late, you can always speak to your bank about it

46). Reducing Your Loan Interest Payments
Although they are more risky, secured loans generally have lower interest payments

47). Benefits And Drawbacks Of A Variable Rate Card
If you are looking at a credit card, then you might be looking to choose between a variable rate or fixed rate card

48). Advantages and Disadvantages of Fixed Rate Mortgage
The fixed rate mortgage has a long history and is considered the standard of home loan financing instruments

49). Simple Methods To Reduce Credit Card Debt
The best thing to do to see how you stand with your credit card and how much you are paying back to them each month, is to calculate your monthly earnings and then calculate what you can afford to put back into your credit card account.

50). A Guide To Career Development Loans
In general you can borrow between 300 and 8,000

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