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1). Why Chair Yoga
Many of us struggle, most of our lives, to find the optimum exercise routine, in order to stay in shape. As time goes by, we look for low-impact fitness solutions, due to excessive wear in our joints.

2). What Is the Difference Between a CYT-Certified Yoga Teacher and RYT-Registered Yoga Teacher?
While there are no set regulations on what level of training is necessary to teach yoga, choosing to pursue teacher certification, demonstrates a commitment to yoga.

3). The Relationship between Yoga, Meditation, and Self-Hypnosis
Each one of these healing methods is thousands of years old. The exact origins of meditation and self-hypnosis are not known. We do know that Yoga existed over 5,000 years ago in the Indus Valley. Despite the evidence that each of these methods creates peace of mind, within the practitioner, they have only recently gained worldwide attention for their results.

4). Yoga for Depression: Motivation and Trust
Yoga is an excellent motivational tool. When you consider starting your day with Yoga meditation, Pranayama, Japa, Yoga postures (Asanas), warm-ups, Sun Salutations, or a combination of any of these - Yoga offers many useful motivation techniques for all of us.

5). Yoga in Practice: Anger Management (Part 2)
So how can this violent chain of events, within the mind, be prevented? How can the ego and intolerance be controlled? - Through self-realization - also known as, “Vichara.”

6). Facts about Martial Arts for Kids - Part 4
As a parent, you want your child to get the optimum martial arts experience every time they train. This can only happen if the martial arts school establishes clear guidelines for conduct and if all the children participating are “team players.”

7). Facts about Martial Arts for Kids - Part 3
Over the long-term, the wrong after school activities result in very expensive health and psychological care. Therefore, look at martial arts as preventative medicine, and as a bonus, your child is staying out of trouble.

8). Tantra Yoga Secrets
When you consider the main Indian Yoga styles, Tantra Yoga is probably the most controversial of them all. So what is the problem? Is it our "sexual hang-ups" or is it something more? What is the origin of Tantra Yoga? Is it all linked to the Kama Sutra or is there more to it?

9). Chair Yoga Vinyasa Flow
[Health-and-Fitness: Yoga] Here is an option for your Chair Yoga classes. There are seated flows and standing flows from the back, or side, of the chair. “The flow,” which we know as “Vinyasa,” is synchronized breathing with movement. This brings to mind vigorous Yoga classes for young, energetic, and fit Yoga students. However, Vinyasa can be gentle, too.

10). Hatha Yoga Solutions For Your Hips
When we consider Yoga solutions for our hips, we often think in terms of physical tightness, which occurs over time. Our hips are largely ignored until we feel pain in them from excessive sitting, trauma, arthritis, or gradual joint wear.

11). Office Yoga: Warm Up Exercises for Corporate Yoga
Although Office Yoga practice resembles Chair Yoga routines, there is usually a difference in the mobility of the average participant. Chair Yoga is most commonly seen in senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living complexes, physical rehabilitation units and adult day care centers.

12). The Purpose of Yoga - Finding Yourself
Some people claim to find themselves after practicing Yoga faithfully - but how can this be? Yoga is an art of living. In fact, Yoga is a 5,000 year old archive of solutions for the many forms of suffering, which plague mankind.

13). The Purpose of Yoga - Inspiration and Goals
Patanjali must have had goals to write and complete the Yoga Sutras. Gandhiji must have had goals and vision to see that peaceful protest would result in the independence of India.

14). Restorative Yoga - A Low Impact Solution For Middle-Aged Spread
Does Yoga have solutions for middle-aged spread? Are your knees, back, hips and shoulders begging for mercy? Restorative Yoga is a complete health maintenance system, and a low impact form of cross training, that will not cause premature wear in your joints.

15). Yoga for Women’s Health
Lately, there has been a big stir about the University of California study that reveals many benefits of practicing Yoga for women. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Fewer eating disorders
Less self objection
Better self image
Less preoccupation with physical appearance
Healthy eating habits

Let’s stop for a moment and think about the big picture.

16). Modifications for Supta Padangusthasana
My student is complaining of pain in the wrists, which lasts for days, after Yoga practice. While performing Supta Padangusthasana (Reclining Big Toe Pose), we have been using a cotton strap around the arch of the foot.

17). Delta Force to New Orleans
If you are wondering why the United States can send troops around the world, but failed to respond to a domestic emergency in a timely manner, you are not alone. Expect the lack of planning for emergency relief, in the aftermath and devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina, to be the subject of a federal investigation.

The National Guard arrived.

18). How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher?
Being a yoga instructor is a very rewarding career, especially if you have a passion for helping others grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

19). How Should the Topic of Pranayama Be Covered in a Yoga Teacher Certification Course?
When teaching Pranayama (Yogic Breathing Techniques), to a student who is new to Yoga, you realize that beginners take their breathing for granted. It is natural to take breath and life for granted.

20). The Purpose of Yoga - Yogic Diet for Peaceful Resolutions
In Yoga, the Sattvic diet is considered to be a very important issue for the holistic health of a Yoga practitioner. When most people consider the term, "diet," mental images of boring food, torture, and weight loss come to mind. Yet, healthy eating can be prepared tastefully.

21). Meditate to Unlock Your Hidden Potential – Part 2
You can be the creator of your own manifest destiny. Through daily meditation practice and focus on changing your life for the better. In fact, you have the ability to redefine yourself in any direction you desire. The power that you can cultivate is limited only by your own imagination.

22). Yoga in Practice - Cultivating Healthy Relationships
In Yoga meditation, we look for answers within, and open our self-awareness, but we still have to relate to those around us. Relationships are a mystery to some of us, while others handle relationships like an art form.

23). Yoga and the Gift of Communication
Yoga teachers are some of the best "story tellers" of our time. Telling stories, and capturing the imagination of a crowd, is an art. In ancient times, this was the way news traveled from village to village. Cultures differ, but stories, prayers, and songs, were a big part of ancient communication.

24). Yoga in Practice - Ishvara Pranidhana
Ishvara Pranidhana is sometimes referred to as the last Niyama (restraint or moral observance). Ishvara Pranidhana means to surrender to a "Higher Power." Some Yoga teacher training courses skim over this subject to avoid potential conflicts.

25). How to Shift Gears, Change Careers, and Become a Yoga Teacher (Part 1)
Do you enjoy practicing Yoga? Does teaching Yoga seem like your ultimate dream job? Does the thought of becoming a Yoga teacher feel like a “calling from within?” How would you pay your bills teaching Yoga? If your life mission is becoming a Yoga teacher; let’s look at a few practical solutions to your obstacles.

26). Designing a Plan to Become a Yoga Teacher (Part 1)
When doing anything that requires a major change, a call to action is one of the hardest hurdles to overcome. There are so many people who wish for goals, but do not plan to go after them. Let’s look at a few ways to make your plan of action to become a Yoga teacher.

27). The Truth About Options for Yoga Teachers (Part 7)
The Yoga teacher, who considers teaching in a Mommy and Me Yoga class, must have “the patience of a saint.” Teaching children Yoga is one hurdle that many Yoga instructors don’t want to jump over, but teaching toddlers with their mothers, in the same class, is quite another matter.

28). Don’t Focus on Failure
Internal defeat is a mindset, where you begin to believe that most new ideas will fail. You might think -”After all, what I tried in last week's Yoga class, failed.”

You will always learn from mistakes. When you see them clearly as a test, examine the results, and study them closely for the reason why they went wrong.

Whether it is a lesson plan, trying mantras, Hot Yoga, Gentle Yoga, a pro shop, or trying anything new, it is better to make mistakes than do nothing at all.

29). Yoga in Practice: In Search of the Perfect Yoga (Part 2)
Shouldn’t we just be happy that someone else is trying, or practicing, Yoga - instead of sitting on the couch? If you are a Yoga teacher, do not encourage this kind of thinking.

30). Your First Chair Yoga Class in a Senior Center
Chair Yoga has become more popular in senior centers, but can also be found in nursing homes, physical rehabilitation units, adult day care centers, and some Yoga studios. However, the vast majority of us will attend a Chair Yoga class in a senior center.

31). Facts About Chakra Awakening
Chakra awakening is highly a debatable topic, with two distinctly different schools of thought. The answer could be, “Yes” or “No”, depending upon which school of thought you are trained in.

Firstly, let's cover the side that would say, “Yes” to helping you share the experience of Chakra awakening. There is no shortage of detailed information, made available by enlightened Yoga enthusiasts like Anodea Judith.

32). The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Tantra Yoga
A sex therapist is not usually a Tantra Yoga teacher. This is just another way to market and re-package sex therapy. If you happen upon a sex therapist, who also claims to be a Yoga teacher, do a little research first, and you may find the deeper truth about marketing.

33). Live for the Moment and Put Worry on Hold - Part 1
Living for the moment seems easy enough, but what if you are feeling hesitant, unhappy, fatigued, or afraid? We all have these feelings, and if they go on without setting controls, they become worry, stress, or depression. Each one of these can cut your life very short or cause a serious health condition.

34). The Link between Yoga, Mindfulness, and Weight Loss - Part 1
From nutritional and fitness experts in New England, the first question I heard right away was, “How can Yoga burn that many calories?” Soon to be followed by comments from many fitness experts, across the United States, were remarks like, “Most Yoga students don’t practice vigorous styles of Yoga.”

35). The Truth About Vinyasa Yoga
When used for personal health maintenance, Vinyasa Yoga is the ultimate cross training system, with low impact movement, aerobic, and muscle toning benefits. Your body will go through an incredible transformation, but it does require determination. This explains why Vinyasa Yoga attracts so many type A personalities.

36). Yoga Therapy for Increasing Self-Worth With Mantra, Japa, Affirmation, or Prayer
Yoga practice has been an aide to mankind for thousands of years. In those thousands of years, many brilliant people, who had a lack of self-worth, have taken their innovative ideas with them to the next life. Their ideas could have advanced our species at a faster rate, but they did not take a chance.

37). Teaching Hatha Yoga: Assisting, Demonstrating, and Verbally Cueing
There are many methods for teaching Yoga, but students either learn by seeing, feeling, hearing, or a combination of senses. With this in mind, there is no right or wrong method, but Yoga teachers should be aware that some students may have a dominant sense when it comes to learning.

38). Teaching Hatha Yoga: Should a Yoga Teacher be a Vegetarian?
If you teach Yoga, should you be a vegan? Are dairy foods and eggs okay? What about goats, chicken, or fish? Yes, some Yoga teachers do eat goat, but not beef. Some people still claim that fish feel no pain, but I never heard that from a Yogi.

39). How to Give Dynamic Stress Management Presentations (Part 2)
When considering how to start your stress management presentation, here is a brief list of “don’ts.” Do not start by apologizing, tapping your microphone, or making a joke. A little measured humor in your presentation is fine, but do not start with a joke. Whether you get laughs or not, this is not stand up comedy routine and can get you “side tracked.”

40). Meditation and the Monkey Mind?
Some find the term, “monkey mind”, upsetting, derogatory, and insulting. This is a shame, as the point is lost, the ego is involved, and a natural human defense goes up. After all, we are supposed to be the “king of the primates,” aren’t we?

41). Yoga in Practice: Ajna Chakra
Do you think that Tiger Woods ever focused on missing a putt or losing a golf tournament? Whatever you envision, can easily become your reality.

42). Yoga in Practice - Teaching Yoga With Humility
No matter how many signs you put up, cell phones ring off in Yoga classes. No matter how many rules you have, a small number of students continue to break old rules and create new ones. If you hand the studio policies to a new student, you may hear, "Why do you have so many rules?"

43). Ten Things You Should Know about Martial Arts Summer Camps for Kids
Would you like to see your child gain self-confidence, learn goal setting skills, concentrate, gain self-discipline, and acquire life skills that he or she will have for a lifetime?

44). Fuel for Motivation
How can you stay energized in the face of so many obstacles? Why do some people look at life from a positive point of view all the time? What is the formula for success?

45). The Da Vinci Code: What can Christians Learn from it?
Dan Brown wanted fame and he has received it. However, Christianity will benefit from this controversy “in the long run.” For the first time, many people are reading and searching for factual information about Miriam of Magdala, Templars, Crusades, Inquisitions, Cathars, Gnostics, and the formulation of the early Roman Catholic Church.

46). The Yogic Approach for Coping With, and Preventing, Panic Attacks
Practicing Yoga, in the form of Pranayama, meditation, Asana (Yoga postures), and Mantra, allows us the time to find the source of panic attacks from within, while taking preventative action. This does not mean you should avoid visiting your family physician, or a professional counselor, when you need help.

47). Wake Up Democrats (Part 1)
Instead of complaining about how bad the next three years will be, Democrats now have the opportunity to produce a viable "front runner." It really shouldn’t be that hard to find a candidate who can identify with the American people.

48). Why Are We Still in Iraq? (Part 1)
There seems to be some confusion between patriotism and common sense lately. This is what most nationalistic movement’s bank on. No one should speak up with the voice of reason; if you do, you will be shouted down, called a coward, and publicly shamed.

49). Website Conflict: Design vs. Marketing (Part 1)
What is the primary purpose of your website? What is more important - your design or your sales? Who should you listen to - the copywriter or the web designer?

50). The Day the Music Died – 911
The rest of the world is puzzled by this sudden “about face” in the care for human rights. The terrorists and our former allies should get a copy of an American history book. We haven’t forgotten 911, and we are not “sheep.” Part of our culture is warm and loving, while another part of our culture is decisive, bold, militaristic, and wants immediate retribution.

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